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We are committed to Helping the Science Olympiad “Flight” 2023 program in many of our local schools. Please visit our Science Olympiad Webpage that embodies this notion “HAFFA Partners with Science Olympiad “Flight” 2023.”

If you’ve likely LANDED AT THIS SITE (Website that is—which is not to be confused with a real airplane runway landing site) because YOU LIKE TO BUILD AND FLY AIRPLANES — then a True AËRO MODELLER you are. You certainly are not alone. The Hobby of AËROMODELLING has grown exponentially world wide since the turn of this Century, and continues to be evermore popular.



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THIS website serves Kansas City’s Local AMA Chapter Model Airplane Club called HAFFA.

HAFFA — Short for Heart of America Free Flight Association, is an organization devoted to Free Flight. t means that in most cases, a model aircraft is programmed or “trimmed” to fly on its own without any guidance or control from the ground. If trimmed properly and there are no strong upward thermal updrafts, the aircraft will make its way hopefully back to earth in the same field that it was launched. The real trick is to get the plane to get the longest flight time possible. It’s a challenge and a lot of fun at the same time. And of course there are contests, both formal and informal for bragging rights with fellow model builders, both local and regional.

We are an Aëromodeling Club located in the Kansas City Metro area but we attract members as far away as Fulton, Mo and Salina, Ks. In the spring and summer months we enjoy weekly OUTDOOR HAFFA FLYING SESSIONS and in the winter months we fly indoors at our INDOOR HAFFA FLYING SESSIONS that are especially suited to be able to fly in an environment with no wind and under the ceiling of a large room such as a gymnasium. Visitors are always welcome to any of our activities and the events are free.

There are many levels of experience but know that even beginners will have a place in our organization. Click the many links of our website to get a feel for who we are, and if you can, join us at one of our events this summer. We’d love to have you drop by, if even its just to watch at a distance. We truly have a great time, and want to share it with others.

If you have any questions about HAFFA and want to contact our organization, please use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of our CONTACT US web page. If you leave your information including your email address we will be able to respond to you. Your information will not be shared, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks.

Note: The Above header photograph at the top of this page is of an actual statue here in Lexexa, Kansas USA that totally sums up what Aeromodelling is all about. Because we couldn’t locate a formal nameplate with the artist’s title given to the piece—we have informally given it our own title of “Timeless Magical Launch of a Youth’s First Model Aëroplane’s Maiden Flightbecause we feel that this scene has been played out countless times before and will never-the-less continue unabated.
More about this great tribute to our Aeromodelling hobby can be found at the link above.

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