The Boy with Plane Statue

Article and photos by Jeff Nisley

You might say that we have “adopted” this statue as our own as it conjures up similar memories of youthful enthusiasm when we ourselves launched a model airplane for the first time.

“You could say that this statue and our club, HAFFA, are kindred spirits. It’s a fitting tribute that this statue is just a stone’s throw from my home and many of our member’s homes as well.

Jeff Nisley —August 2020

This statue is the keystone to a beautiful landscape display at the entrance to a subdivision called Heritage Forest in Lenexa KS. Several people have asked me where this statue is located. The answer is the corner of Pflum Road and Pflum Circle in Lenexa Kansas, which believe it or not is only 3 minutes from my house. The artist in my opinion has captured precisely the “Joy of Flight” and for our Club—it optimizes the idea of Free Flight. See also our Home page for another view of the Boy with the Plane Statue.

The boy with the plane statue is located at the intersection of Pflum Road and Pflum Circle in Lenexa Kansas. A Google Map is provided below for those who wish to visit the statue themselves.

“Pflum” seems odd for a street name but actually the name comes from a founding family of Shawnee, Kansas who were very important in the history of our area. The street name originated from the last name of a family that moved to Shawnee Kansas arriving in the early 1870s and established a farm selling fruit. Doris Pflumm became the official family historian in the 1970s, when her father-in-law, Louis Pflumm, asked her to research the family’s background. It is in large measure that her efforts gave rise to an excellent story of the Pflumm’s in a great article written by Caroline Boyer titled Shawnee family is known for more than a street.

Pflum Road was named after Norbert and Katharina Pflumm. The name was shortened to Pflum when it became the name of one of the main roads through Shawnee. Here is an excerpt from Caroline Boyer’s article:

Hearing that there was better land available in Kansas, the family headed west, arriving in the early 1870s.

“They found the area more suitable for fruit farming,” Doris Pflumm said. “They made their living off the land, selling fruit and gardening.”

If you have the time, this is happens to be a very interesting story and has special meaning to the webmaster of this site, Jeff Nisley, as I once lived in a house in Shawnee KS that was actually a part of the Pflumm’s original acreage of their fruit farm.

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Here is a Google map of the location of the Boy with Plane Statue.

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