New INDOOR Postal Contest

I got an email from Dave Aronstein recently. I thought I would post it on our website. Take a look at the videos and plans in the NFFS symposium link in the article below. I have watched Dave fly these gliders in the Osawatomie Auditorium (some years ago now). They are amazing. I just looked … Continue reading New INDOOR Postal Contest


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Hi —I’m Jeff Renz, president of HAFFA and one of the contributing authors of the HAFFA Posts. During these uncertain times, we will try to keep you informed of HAFFA’s current activities and the status of future events.

I’m shown here back in May of 2019 at the Wellington WHAM contest getting ready to fly my rather worn out Half Gollywock, however, she sill has some flights left in her.

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Hi — I’m Tim Pivonka—a dedicated Kansas City Chiefs fan, an avid model builder, and a HAFFA member since 2015 even though I reside in Salina KS.

I have subscribed recently to receive HAFFA Posts as soon as they are published. This keeps me informed of of the clubs events and other information concerning the club in a timely manor.

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