Annual Renewal for HAFFA Membership Dues

HAFFA badge 300Greetings HAFFA Members and those who wish to join The Heart of America Free Flight Association.
There are three (3) ways to pay
your Annual HAFFA Membership Dues.

Cash, Check…
As always our annual dues are $20 and may be paid in cash or check to Jack Vetter, our club’s treasurer directly, or you may pay any of the club officers. Any way you pay, the dues will get to our treasurer and you’re good to go. See our Contact page for additional officers you can pay your dues to.


Announcing PayPal — The newest and easiest way to pay your HAFFA Dues!

You are now able to pay your HAFFA membership dues through PayPal below.

Your PayPal payment will be received by our president, Jeff Renz. The dues are then given to the Club’s treasurer in a timely manner. This is a safe and secure way to make sure you are on the roster as a Bona fide member of HAFFA. This will help us to pay for our club’s expenses and to fund our numerous activities. It will also benefit you by ensuring that you will receive timely notifications of the club’s activities and events.

Renew your membership now or if you are not a member, consider joining our club. Use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of our Contact page to contact us directly or just show up at one of our annual events. Newcomers are always welcome! And to those who have already paid their dues for the year—thanks a bunch!

Click the PayPal button below to Pay your HAFFA Dues!

Heart of America Free Flight (HAFFA) Annual Dues. Renewal month is December for the upcoming year.