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#BuildItTogether by Airytails — Aeromodeling Workshop by Airytails at Embassy Boulevard, Bangalore, India.

This article speaks for itself so if you want to brighten your outlook after a grueling 2021 and a not so promising 2022—sit back and enjoy reading this.

— From the desk of KCFreeFlight.org webmaster JB Nisley —
Recently I ran across this webpage showcasing an article written by Jagriti Parakhtitled. It was simply titled “Aeromodelling no longer belongs in deep pockets.
After finish reading his enlightening exposé . . . . it served to give me Hope for the Future of Aeromodelling.

Source: TM Aerosports

What’s New in Casey’s Aeromodeling World Today? —Jan 2022
Jan 2022 Quick Aeromodelling Tip
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Here’s something we should take into consideration as we begin our modeling projects in 2022 . . .

The above poem’s author is unknown. This was something that the webmaster for KCFreeFlight.org, J. B. Nisley, scanned back from a forgotten source—(sorry 😦 )—back in September of 2018 and it went unused until he noticed it in his “Scans” folder on his computer this year. Using an open source free software program called GIMP, JB added a little of what graphic designers now call “gunge texture” a.k.a “Gunge Art” to the image. The Grunge Movement appeared on the scene somewhere in the 1980s. “The idea of ripped jeans, greasy hair, and worn-out t-shirts are generally connected to an idea of grunge.” Jeffrey then added a brown border and drop shadow— again in GIMP—to the image. The result is what you see above. Enjoy! 🙂

⦿ What’s New in Casey’s Aeromodeling World Today? —Jan 2022

Here’s something I highly recommend for all you Aeromodelers out there!

I have been listening to these Model Airplane “Free Flight Fanatic” Podcasts by John McAvoy which are audio podcasts and are chock-full of useful information. Bernard Guest is frequently involved with many of these podcasts. Take a listen. There is even one on carving props. You can have them on in the background while you are working instead of listening to music.

Give it a try. — Jeff Renz

Jan 2022 Quick Aeromodeling Tip

This month’s winning January 2022 Quick Tip originates from fellow HAFFA Member Gary Hodson. He calls it his “Indoor Model Weight Stand.”

This useful Aeromodleling Quick Tip comes at an excellent time for us northerners North of the equator now experiencing longer days as a result of the passing of the Winter Solstice back on the 21st of December, 2021. Cold winter winds force us to focus our attention to flying indoor model airplanes in warmer spaces.

Mr. Hodson, who has been an award winning indoor modeler himself for quite some time, has shared with us an idea he thinks is essential for success for any indoor model you may want to build.

The concept is rather simple. It’s a stand to hold individual parts (as well as the models themselves) of indoor models safely on the platform of whatever digital scale you might have. Gary points out that the purchase of a relatively inexpensive digital pocket kitchen scale “providing accurate and instant measurements from “0.01g to 220g” is almost a must if you are seriously into indoor models. In addition he adds “Getting a handle on the actual weight of say—the prop and prop shaft— or the wing and other parts individually can make a difference, especially when it comes to figuring out the center of gravity. By weighing the parts separately, you can determine which parts are to heavy or where one is allowed to add more weight. All the parts need to be in harmony with the others. Then it’s on to find the right motor plus the right number of turns of the motor, but at least at that point the plane itself is balanced.”

Pictured here is Gary’s design for the stand but it can be made any way the maker chooses. The size of the weighing platform dictated the 3″ square base that Gary went with. The base can be made of sheet balsa or in Gary’s case, 3/16″ foam core board. A space between the foam blocks holds the part or model gently but firmly.

Placed on Gary’s digital gram scale is his stand safely holding an indoor model for an accurate read out.
Gary Hodson’s
Indoor Model Weight Stand

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HAFFA News and Events (Heart of America Free Flight Association)
HAFFA News: Our next Indoor Flying Session is Saturday March 5th from 8 am to 3 pm. Click the link above for more information.
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HAFFA Business Meeting — Jan 18, 2022
Business Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month so this month it falls on the 18th as shown above in the calendar. There is a chance that it will be cancelled because of Covid so check this space to see if it will be held.

HAFFA New Business: December is when we normally elect new officers for the coming year, but because we didn’t have enough members at our December Business Meeting, the elections will be held at the January HAFFA Business Meeting. Keeping this in mind, think about who it is you would like to see as Officers—and also to give some thought as to whether YOU might like to be a HAFFA Officer yourself . . .

HAFFA Event Summaries
Our January 8th Indoor Flying Session was quite a SUCCESS! Here are some photos and videos from the event taken by Jeff Renz. —Enjoy! — There are some really nice videos of some of the indoor model aircraft showing flights of over 3 minutes to check out as well as some great photos of our member’s masterpieces! Mike Schmidt, a long time member who recently began attending HAFFA events after a period of time away is shown in the first photo. He and Gary Hodson, who also had taken a sort of hiatus of his own, ended up competing with their A-6 Indoor models. Quite a battle ensued. We greatly enjoy what each of these valued members bring to the mix and glad that they have become more active again.

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