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Authors: Jeff Renz and Jeff Nisley

So—this is to let everyone know that this month—Jeff Nisley, our webmaster, and I are trying out a new format to attempt to keep HAFFA Members and Friends better informed of our club’s events and other numerous activities we’ve got going . . .

FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES it’s what many would call a “Blog“.

We’re Calling Ours a


⦿ Every month a new “Entry” to this “Blog” will be written and updated. Twelve entries per year—that would be the size of it. 🙂 Furthermore as mentioned above, an additional feature of this monthly blog entry is that it’s going to be updated and corrected as necessary during the month—possibly every week or more if circumstances dictate the necessity. Sometimes brand new content may also find its way into the blog entry as the month progresses. So suffice it to say that it may be quite different if one views it for instance on December 3rd—as compared to the 25th of that same month.

⦿ Let’s analyze for a minute the reason we gave our blog the moniker “CALENDAR BLOG.” At the top of every month’s entry will be what most of us are very familiar with—a regular calendar with the days of the week and anywhere from 28 to 31 days according to the month in question. Hence we will refer to this as our “VISUAL Calendar”. This will always be an equal and valuable part of our “CALENDAR BLOG.” Upcoming HAFFA events in abbreviated form will show up in this calendar which will provide us a quick but worthwhile At-a-Glance idea of when they occur—but gives us little if any information about the actual events themselves. So to address this—the next paragraph is where the explanation of the “BLOG” portion of our “CALENDAR BLOG.” comes into play . . .

⦿ BELOW EACH CALENDAR IS WHAT WE ARE CALLING THE ACTUAL “BLOG”. This can be thought of as the actual detailed information you need to know for the events, or the actual discussions of various topics. This information is divided into SEVERAL MAIN CATEGORIES. The first of these is titled “UPCOMING EVENTS” and is shown with a background color of Salmon. Next is “NEW BUSINESS” which uses MediumTurquoise, and lastly “OTHER AEROMODELING TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION:which is a place to discuss other topics relevant to our club and or topics that relate to the all encompassing Aeromodeling hobby in general. This one’s background color is what color web developers call MediumSpringGreen—I kid you not!). This last category can be thought of as a catch all for subjects that don’t necessarily fit in the first two categories.

⦿ LASTLY AND PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANTLY—WE WANT YOU TO GET IN THE HABIT OF USING YOUR SMART PHONE TO VIEW THIS BLOG !!!! 😀 It’s been specifically designed in such a way as to maximize your ability to get our Club’s information very quickly—and anywhere you happen to be—I might add.
Note: If you are viewing this on your computer, take the time now to switch over to viewing it on your phone if you have it handy.
———>”THE FULL POWER OF THIS CALENDAR BLOG CAN ONLY BE REALIZED IF YOU VIEW IT ON YOUR PHONE.” <—— I’ll explain some of the reasons for this later on in this blog entry so stay tuned . . .
Here’s a question for you. How many people worldwide view web pages on a mobile phone? The answer is 54.8 percent of global website traffic, consistently hovering around the 50 percent mark since the beginning of 2017. U.S viewing is a bit lower coming in at 47.74 percent of web traffic as of the third quarter of 2021.
———> HERE’S ANOTHER INTERESTING FACT. THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PEOPLE WORLD WIDE VIEWING OUR WEBSITE, KCFREEFLIGHT.ORG, FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2021 WAS OVER 600 WITH OVER 1500 VIEWS. That would average about 2.7 views per person during that time frame. We thank all of you that were a part of these statistics. For those who don’t live close to Kansas City to enjoy our monthly local events, we have come up with a way to keep you interested in checking back monthly.
So Renz and I have come up with the idea of having an “AEROMODELING QUICK TIP OF THE MONTH” contest that people can enter to have their Aeromodeling Quick Tip published in our monthly CALENDAR BLOG.. With the use of a Google Translater app, even our visitors world wide can enter the contest. More About the contest will be this is explained again later in the blog.

⦿ Here’s what the THREE MAIN CATEGORIES for each month will look like:


⦿ New Business:


⦿ In addition to the MAIN CATEGORIES—just for fun we’ve decided to throw in a BONUS CATEGORY for each month called:

😦 Prizes No — Envy of your Peers, Yes! 😉

With this category, we’ve made it possible for aeromodelers like yourself to send us your favorite modeling tip for a chance to have it published in an upcoming blog entry. (Don’t worry, we’ll give you instructions on how to enter.) Tips will be judged on usefulness, practicality and originality—plus an added touch of humor included in the tip won’t hurt. Having your tip well thought out and presented well will go a long way in the judge’s decision. We’re hoping this will be an added incentive for our viewers to check back often to this blog each month to see the latest cutting-edge AEROMODELING TIP !!!!!

⦿ Just so you know . . . each month’s BLOG entry will start with a and end with a 😀

So long story short, last month’s November’s Blog Entry below will be close to what you can expect the future entries to look like as time rolls by.

11/9/2021 — Authors Jeff Renz and Jeff Nisley

See the Most Recent HAFFA Calendar Blog Entry below this Calendar

⦿ UPCOMING EVENTS: Our next Indoor Flying Session has been moved to the second weekend in December which is Dec. 11th from 8 am to 3 pm. We enjoyed the talk that our Veteran and friend Max Deweese gave at our November HAFFA Business Meeting the night of November 16, 2021. For information about him and a 15 minute video documenting his WWII service, visit our Max Deweese POST. It was held at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. This POST has a Google Map at the bottom of the page showing its location.

⦿ New Business: December is when we elect new officers for the coming year, so keep this in mind, both to see who it is you would like to see as Officers—and also to give some thought as to whether YOU might like to be one…

⦿ OTHER AEROMODELING TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: The only other news is that December is normally Membership Dues Month, however we are extending the time period to include January because the Option of Paying Membership Dues by PayPal may become available mid January sometime . . . Stay tuned!

Thanks for Viewing Our Nov. BLOG Entry. Come Back Often!!! — Jeff R. & Jeff N.


Instead of traditional modeling clay for use as nose or wing tip weight—try using a Kneaded Eraser. Clay has a tendency to leave behind an oil residue.

Eraser shown in
original packaging.

After it’s out of the package, stretch and work with it in your palm until it’s warm. This helps to mold it into a usable shape. Pinch off the weight you need—then apply.

Knead your
kneaded eraser.

Send us YOUR AEROMODELING TIP and we’ll publish the WINNING ENTRY. You don’t have to be a HAFFA Member to enter and you dont have to live in the United States to enter. 😀 This month’s entry was submitted by Jeff Nisley, our webmaster, just to get things rolling and to show what’s possible. We have a Google Translator app so your entry can me in your native language. To leave us your Aeromodeling Tip, use the COMMENT FORM at the bottom of the KC Free CONTACT US page. There’s additional instructions there. ;D

I hope you find our new blog to be useful. Please come back and visit this BLOG often—and don’t forget to visit our Newsletters and Posts web pages. We’re always updating them!!! If you have any questions or concerns leave them in the comment block in the COMMENT FORM at the bottom of our newly revamped KC Free CONTACT US page where you can leave us your email address. Your information will not be shared. This is so we can get back to you. We will reply as soon as we can. Or if you just have a comment you would like to leave you can enter it it in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this page.

10/29/2021 — Authors Jeff Renz and Jeff Nisley —

For this first blog—Jeff Nisley has kindly written an introduction for all of us to get started in this endeavor. Each blog will show the date it was written and indicate the author (or authors). Each of these blog entries will be separated by squiggly lines you see above and below each entry. Also note that if you would like to—you can leave a comment in the Leave a Reply box at the very bottom of this page.

As our president, I will be writing most of these entries, however occasionally other authors will chime in with their own content, as in this first case—Jeff Nisley.

Jeff Nisley writes:

Quoting from the website , here is their definition of Blog.

Definition | Meaning of blog:

A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

It is our hopes and wishes that these blog entries will see to it that our members and the friends of our members will receive timely information—for example the dates of upcoming events, the program scheduled for the next HAFFA Meeting, etc., and other topics related to our club. It is also a place to express thoughts and opinions central to Free Flight Model Building and the Aeromodeling community in general.

As the webmaster for our website I have made an effort to make this page look as good as it can when viewing it on a cell phone. It has been noted that Globally, 68.1% of all website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices—an increase from 63.3% in 2019.

It is hoped that you as a member or friend of a member will take the time to click on our new CALENDAR BLOG link in the site’s Navigation Bar each time you visit our site to ensure you see all the new updates to the content of this blog. We feel it will be the easiest way to make sure everyone is on the same page, and to get up-to-date information.

Thermals, —Jeff Nisley—

I hope you find our new blog to be useful. Please come back and visit this BLOG often—and don’t forget to visit our Newsletters and Posts web pages. We’re always updating them!!! If you have any questions or concerns leave them in the comment block in the COMMENT FORM at the bottom of the KC Free CONTACT US page where you can leave us your email address. Your information will not be shared. This is so we can get back to you. We will reply as soon as we can. Or if you just have a comment you would like to leave you can enter it it in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this page.

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Program for October 19th HAFFA Meeting —> All You Wanted to Know About Vintage Twin Pushers . . .

YIKES !!!!! 🙂 This month’s HAFFA Meeting is RAPIDLY CREEPING UP ON US! (Tuesday Oct. 19th — 6:00 to 8:00 pm).

This month we’ll delve into the sometimes mystifying realm of TWIN PUSHER MODEL AIRPLANES popular in the 20s and 30s.

Believe it or not these quirky machines still hold a special place in the hearts of a seemingly glowingly smaller but massively dedicated group of Aeromodelers! To make and fly one gives you a lifetime membership into this ELITE CLUB. 🙂

At the meeting we will have some example TPs for you to examine, some short videos of them in flight, and questions and answers from a long time experienced TP maker and flyer, MIKE BASTA, winner of the Twin Pusher Mass Launches at the 2018 and 2019 Marion Contests.

Our club, HAFFA, has a rich history encompassing these aircraft and it’s worth learning about and supporting their future! 😉 If you haven’t already seen our web page about this subject please check out our History of HAFFA Part 1.


Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS
(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

Don’t Miss HAFFA’s Marion, KS Outdoor Free Flight Contest

Hey Free Flighters !!!!!

— Make the Journey to Marion, KS where HAFFA (Heart of America Free Flight Association) is Hosting its Fall Outdoor Free Flight Contest. Bring all that you dare to bring and compete with fellow aeromodelers to try to win our brand new Marion Contest Trophy !!! —

Ocotober 2nd and 3rd, 2021 are the scheduled dates for this year’s event.

More information and this year’s printable Marion Contest Flyer and Contest Score Cards can be found at this web page:

20th Annual HAFFA Outdoor Marion Free Flight Contest

As of 9/24/2021 Country Inn Motel has 10 rooms available for the 1st and 2nd of October. Because of Covid, reservations can only be made the morning of the 1st to reserve the two days. Information concerning possible additional lodging arrangements can be found on page 2 of the flyer.

Good Luck to all those Fortunate to Attend.
It will be a Blast !!!!

Featured B Movie for August HAFFA Meeting will be “Power Dive (1941)”

Join us next Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm for a good old-fashioned B movie from 1941 that features a “very cool” model airplane.

Quoting from the August 2021 AMA’s Model Aviation magazine on page 14, “Power Drive is about a geodetic aircraft design undergoing stress tests. During the film, a model appears in numerous sequences, and although it’s not a flying model, it clearly highlights the aircraft’s construction.”

Click here to visit the “Power Dive (1941)” Web Page

Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS

(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

WHAM (Wichita Historical Aircraft Modelers) May Contest write up.

The Spring Opener for the Wichita Historical Modelers (WHAM) Free Flight Club turned out to be a great weekend contest, even though it was a windy affair. Everyone that attended had a great time, and was “up” for two days of contest flying and camaraderie. All of the modelers having spent a winter of isolated model building. Flying over the weekend happened on both days, and more or less followed the planned schedule.

Many of the modelers actually arrived Friday, with time to test fly in the early afternoon and into the evening. The winds at that point we’re probably about eight to ten miles per hour, and quite reasonable. Friday afternoon we were treated to a WW2 era Harvard AT-6 flyby while we were test flying our models at Baxter Field Airport. The several passes made for some great photo ops. After flight trimming, we headed to get set up for the night.

We managed to have cocktails at 5pm at the Country Inn Motel with Bill and Marilyn Schmidt, Dana Field and Robert Dunham, along with myself. The social hour was a great time! I always learn a lot about engines and airplanes with that group. The group ended up eating at the Town and Country Café in nearby Florence both nights.  That food was really good! The 11 mile drive down to Florence did not really take that long so it was well worth it. Dana and I had pie both nights, along with roast beef and country fried steaks. We ate quite well! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip!

On Friday afternoon I presented a new twin pusher stooge built by, Jeff Nisley, to Linda Powell. Jeff Nisley built this stooge as a gift to acknowledge Chuck and Linda’s help last at the HAFFA contest year. Jeff had ordered the old rubber powered design “Competitor” kit from England, and needed help trimming his new creation. Chuck dropped everything, and helped Jeff get his airplane trimmed to fly properly. This was one of Jeff’s first rubber powered airplanes. Jeff was so impressed and appreciative with Chuck s assistance to get the plane flying, he said he would never forget Chuck and Linda being so kind and helpful. This is what free flight guys do. They are good people. Jeff added some design touches to the stooge for Linda that she noticed right away, some bird feathers on lanyards with colorful anchor cables.

Jeff Nisley is in the final stages of putting the plans for the twin pusher stooge on line. This will let everyone that wants to make one their own. All this will be explained further in two articles, written by Nisley, that present both the twin pusher and the standard stooge. The article, complete with drawings and a material list, will explain how to make both of them. These articles will appear on the website this spring or early summer.

Contest flying started at 8am both days. There were no problems with the field conditions, as the field was dry.  We flew from the south end of the airport with wind blowing towards the northeast both days. Contestants came from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas City and Wichita, and all The “Usual Suspects” showed up to fly. Chuck, Linda and Jim O’Reilly did a bang-up job putting on the contest. Jim’s son Dave made the trip as well, and provided support, tracking and chasing models.

The power flyers were careful to set their DT timers their planes. Otherwise, with the wind, they would have been off the field. George Avila had an overrun on a timer when his fuel cut off failed on one of his big planes, which wound up landing in a tree north of the airport. Chuck & Linda’s son, Aaron, along with Mike Fedor, was able to get it down out of the tree. Mike Fedor had brought a very long extension pole but Aaron still had to climb up and use the pole in order to get the thing down.

Tim Pivonka made it down to Marion with a van full of scale jobs, such as his Halberstadt CL II, for the FAC events, along with some new catapult launch gliders from “Humming Bird Models”.

Marty Klein brought his “Sterling” Piper Cub to fly scale. He explained it had placed well out at Westfac couple years ago. It was a gorgeous model that flew quite well considering the wind!

O’Reilly, Chuck and Renz flew in the twin pusher event.  It was amazing to watch those things fly in the windy conditions! They were quite stable considering the conditions.

Sunday, one of the events, “the “Sport of Kings”, Jet Cat, was quite interesting, considering the weather conditions. Flights were quite amazing! Those little scale jobs seem to hold up pretty well.

Suman Saripalli made the trip on Sunday.  Thank goodness for Suman, because Chuck had 11 boxes of magazines full of Flying Aces and Air trails that he donated to our club.  Chuck had originally received the collection from a Beech Craft CEO, who collected airplane memorabilia. We very much appreciate this kind act. These magazines appear to be in really great condition!  It was very difficult not to crack the boxes open and just start reading on the spot! Anyway, thanks Chuck!

I would like to thank Aaron Powell and his wife Karla for making a lunch pizza run on Saturday. We had plenty! They ordered just the right amount, and no one went hungry.  Also, Karla made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. This was fantastic considering all I originally had was a granola bar. That was a very kind gesture! 

Jeff Renz (click on photo link below) 150 photos.

New INDOOR Postal Contest

I got an email from Dave Aronstein recently. I thought I would post it on our website. Take a look at the videos and plans in the NFFS symposium link in the article below. I have watched Dave fly these gliders in the Osawatomie Auditorium (some years ago now). They are amazing. I just looked on You-Tube under “walk along glider” and there are tons of videos of people flying these in homes and offices as well as auditoriums. I snagged an image of an example of a plan for this post. If any of you want to send me a pix of you flying or building one of these I will post it on our site.

From Dave: Hey in case anybody is interested – NFFS and INAV have put out another fly-at-home postal challenge – for Walkalong Gliders.

Announcement is in INAV at:

A plan is provided, but it is not a one-design contest.  Any design.  No restrictions (except that the flying is to be done in your home).
The objective is to accomplish as many as you can, of 6 challenges, by the end of February.  The challenges are:- a 30-second flight- a 60-second flight- 3 laps on any closed course (one flight – no relaunches – typical)- 3 inflight handoffs from one pilot to another (also in one flight)- 30 second flight without a board (making lift with hands / head / body)- 30 second flight with a model of your own design
Photos and video are encouraged but not required.  We’ll take your word for it, with or without documentation.  There’s a submission form on INAV, or you can email results to me and I will make sure they get posted & tabulated.
A few plans & photos attached to pique your interest, especially if you are not already familiar with walkalong gliders.  For further info:
NFFS YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven’t already):
NFFS Sympo article on walkalongs (posted with NFFS permission):
Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would be interested; publish to your local clubs; etc.
Hope you are all in good health and good spirits during these rather unusual times!
-David Aronstein

Upward air pressure created by the box lid creates the lift to enable flight of this glider
Use your imagination! Look what is possible

HAFFA November Indoor Flying Update

HAFFA November Indoor Flying Update

Modified Guillows “Sky Cadet Airplane”

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about our November 2020 Osawatomie Auditorium Session. Photo link included below

Paul Meganroth…Roie and Cheryl Black, Dana Field…. we all had a good day of flying. We flew a lot of different models. We all flew the P18 event to get warmed up.  We are all getting better at indoor flying. Paul turned in a 2 minute and 6 second flight once he got his P 18 dialed in. 
Dana flew hand launch glider. Dana had built the new glider from a Joshua Finn kit called the “Cat’s Meow” carbon and foam glider. He is still working out the kinks with this new machine. I flew mini stick and managed to get a 4 minute and 10 second flight. Paul flew his penny plane with great results. At one point he would have had an 8-minute flight with his Penny Plane…. however it stuck to the side wall of the gym walls fabric material….. so we stopped the clock and got a long kite pole to bump it off the wall and started the timer again once it popped loose from the wall. We did not count this as official…. but the Penny plane continued on for almost 3 minutes….and it would have been almost eight minutes total when we added the two times together. It was really fun to watch. It has been a while since we had a flight that long in the gym. 
I had a good time just watching all the airplanes fly. My new P18 (A Dave Higgins Design called the ” PURSUIT P18 “) flew quite well but not good enough to beat Dana or Paul. I still need to get some stiffer wing posts….the wood I had used was not stiff enough for the flight loads encountered….during some minor taps and bumps on the walls and ceiling of the gym.

Roie showed up with a Guillows Cadet that he had revamped for indoor flying and made it portable for easy transportation as well. I like how Roie built it so it could be stored for travel in a cardboard box easily with a small footprint of space…in the trunk of a car or back seat…. this modified plane would break down easily… it was held together with rubber bands.

Dana brought a Dave Diels kit and opened the box to reveal tons of documentation and 6 sheets of plans and several sets of laser cut parts.   I had never purchased a Diels kit….wow you get your money’s worth! Check out the photos of the “un-boxing”

Anyway a good time was had by all next flying session will be in December the first weekend in December. It was a pain…. but we wore masks. And stayed distant from each other. Thanks again Renz.