Constructing Wings and Stabs to Remain Straight and True

By Jeff Nisley

This article was written specifically for consturcting wings and stabs from kits provided by Laser Cut Planes, mut most of this material can be applied to any Wing or stab constuuction

Rather than building on a building board, Laser Cut Planes uses a different approach by  building in mid-air with no pins or magnets to speak of.

Although LCP’s approach is quick and easy, if done improperly, you can end up with something that unfortunately resembles a Pringles potato chip. I’ve learned the hard way that you don’t just make a wing or stab and simply set it aside.

To begin with, follow all of the directions that LCP has for your plane.

Below are som additional instructions for assembling the wings and stab to ensure the they stay straight antd true and resist warping in the future.