Fixing Small Tissue Tears on Model Aircraft—Using a new “Wrinkle” 2019

Elmers clear glue and stab with tearsIt happens to all of us. A small tear in an otherwise perfect Tissue Job, or there are small tears all over the place that could use some touch up. Never fear. Here is a relatively simple fix that works most of the time.

—Article by Jeff Nisley—

I have to admit that the word “Wrinkle” is a poor choice of words when you are talking about improving the condition of the tissue covering on your model aircraft.

I could use one of these right now.

A new”twist” to the method would be better. The best way I’ve come up with to describe this repair process is to think of it as using clear glue to “zipper” the tissue “fabric” back to its original position much in the same way that a zipper brings two sides of a jacket firmly together.

The idea that I am presenting here is not new to most experienced Aeromodelers.

Mike Basta introduced me to the idea of fixing small tears in tissue back when I was new to the hobby in 2016.
The new twist I’m talking about is to use Elmer’s Clear Glue instead of Mike’s recommendation of Duco Cement.

Unlike Duco cement, Elmer’s Clear Glue is the secret to a less noticeable repair job as you will see later.
Elmer’s Clear Glue is a relatively new product on the market so this is merely
an update to a great modeling technique that’s been around awhile.

Below is a new way to bring you a tutorial on a subject like this.
You will be following along using a Slide Show Format.
Please read the three statements—A, B, and C before you start.

So lets begin.

A. — Below is a slide show to move you through the repair process.
To navigate the slide show use the left and right arrows at the sides.

B. — Important—Use the “Esc” or “Escape” key on your keyboard
to exit the slide show to return to this page.

C. —Begin the slide show by clicking on the first photo of the Photo Gallery below—the Stab.