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OUR NEXT INDOOR HAFFA FLYING SESSION is March 5, 2022 from 8am – 3pm

OUR NEXT HAFFA BUSINESS MEETING March 15, 2022 from 6-8 pm. Click link for LOCATION and OTHER DETAILS.

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Renz was wearing his at the Feb Meeting. They hold offers quite often. Be sure to wait till they have the $13 sale price.


Welcome ALL Kansas City Area HAFFA Members, Friends and Supporters !!!

1 HAFFA NEWS — Heart of America Free Flight Association 2/22
2 FEB 15, 2022 HAFFA Business Meeting

3 Minutes from Last Month — January
4 HAFFA EVENTS SUMMARIES “One for the Books!” — Jeff Renz Reporting 2/22

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1 NEWS from HAFFA Heart of America Free Flight Association 2/22
Our next Indoor Flying Session is Saturday March 5th from 8 am to 3 pm. Click the link above for more information.

2 FEBRUARY 15, 2022 HAFFA Business Meeting
HAFFA Business Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month so this month it falls on the 15th.

HAFFA Business Meeting Minutes — February 15, 2022
Author Jeff Renz

Photos taken by Jeff Renz at at the meeting.


3 Minutes from Last Month — January
HAFFA Business Meeting Minutes — Jan 18, 2022
Author Jeff Renz

4 HAFFA EVENT SUMMARIES “One for the Books!” — Jeff Renz Reporting 2/22

February 5, 2022 Indoor Flying Session —We had 6 flyers at this event.  Warm temperatures in the auditorium greeted us on a super cold morning outside.  Unloading our planes was an adventure with the streets and concrete steps curbing full of ice.  Everyone managed to get in safely and get set up.  No-call flying was one of the main focal points for the morning flying.  Roie was able to get a 2 minute flight with his turbo Cessna after some coaxing of the rudder setting.  A great flying airplane.
Mike Schmidt showed up with his aircraft fleet.  His No-cal Cardinal was flying great.  Plans for this are available on “hip pocket” aeronautics website.  Mike drew up the plans some years ago along with a color scheme sheet.  This is a very consistent flyer!  
Jack Vetter made the trip with his fleet of models and flew all events.  His P18 flew quite well. His P18 was from a NFFS centerfold plan a few years ago.  It is consistent as well.  Dana brought a new glider ….”Ear Spear” a Dick Mathis design that he published in the last DISPATCH club newsletter.  Check out the photos.  It is a cool model to see once you see it fully built.  Gary fired up his fleet of rubber powered models.  His GEE BEE No-cal is just amazing! check out the video of it flying in the photo links.
Suman made it down to Osawatomie as well.  He had been at the giant RC swap meet for the KCRC club and reported it was well attended.  Next year I will schedule the flying session for February on a different day so everyone can attend.  Suman flew a No-cal he had repaired and trimmed out.  A Gloster Meteor from Carl Perkins.  Lots of wing area to work with on that model.  Fun to watch.  I managed to bust the wing on my Gloster Meteor when it tangled with the basketball hoop structure.  I have been tracking the points for the Intraclub Contest and will be publishing them soon.
Here are photos taken my Jeff Renz at the February 5th HAFFA Indoor Flying Session at Osawatomie, Kansas.

Our January 8,2022 Indoor Flying Session was quite a SUCCESS! Here are some photos and videos from the event taken by Jeff Renz. —Enjoy! — There are some really nice videos of some of the indoor model aircraft showing flights of over 3 minutes to check out as well as some great photos of our member’s masterpieces! Mike Schmidt, a long time member who recently began attending HAFFA events after a period of time away is shown in the first photo. He and Gary Hodson, who also had taken a sort of hiatus of his own, ended up competing with their A-6 Indoor models. Quite a battle ensued. We greatly enjoy what each of these valued members bring to the mix and glad that they have become more active again.



Looking Ahead to March

There is a GREAT PLAINS I.P.M.S 2022 Expo March 12th.
Click the link above or the image at right for a PDF Document Flyer that has the details.


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