Pay HAFFA Membership Dues by PayPal

Greetings HAFFA Members and those who wish to join The Heart of America Free Flight Association.

There’s now 3 ways to pay HAFFA Membership Dues in order to Join—or to keep your Membership Active.

They are Cash, Check and announcing for the first time — > PayPal. 😀

⦿ Annual Dues for members are $20.00/year and have not increased for over 15 years. November 2022’s HAFFA Meeting’s members voted to keep the same amount in place for the next calendar year 2023.

⦿ December is the annual renewal month for HAFFA Members for the upcoming year. New members may join at any time by paying the annual dues for the upcoming year.

⦿ If you choose to pay your dues by PayPal—the $20.00 dues amount has been increased by $1.22 to exactly cover the costs of processing fees charged by PayPal. In this case the amount owed will be $21.22. In fairness to everyone, we felt this was the most equitable way to do this. To pay by PayPal, a PayPal Payment Button has been conveniently located at the bottom of this page.

⦿ If you prefer to pay by Cash or Check, your dues amount will stay at the traditional $20.00 amount for the upcoming year. You may pay Jack Vetter, our treasurer, or any other office holder of HAFFA. See our CONTACT web page for a list of these officers.

⦿ Anyway you pay, your dues will safely find their way to our club’s treasury and you’ll become—or in the case of a renewal—stay a valued member of the Heart of America Free Flight Association.

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⦿ If you are not a current Member on our HAFFA Roster, consider joining our club. You do not have to participate in our activities to have full member status or even live close by. If you are interested in joining, let us know by providing your name and email address in the CONTACT FORM located at the bottom of this page. Alternatively— if you are local and want to start your journey on a rewarding and fascinating hobby experience (That would be Aeromodeling), again use the same Contact Form to reach out to us. We have plenty of members willing to get you started and to have you progress with your model making skills—or if that’s not your thing—we have many observers that participate in our group that have just as much fun!

Your email address will not be published and we will get back to you as soon as we can. A third choice would be to just browse our website to find the dates and times of our current activities and attend one of them. In the fall and winter months we fly indoor models at our monthly Indoor Flying Sessions. Clicking on this link will show you the dates and times. We are a casual group and welcome any newcomers to our club no matter what your Free Flight abilities are! 😀

⦿ Our annual dues revenue will help us pay for our club’s expenses and to fund our numerous activities, including maintaining this website. 😉 If you enjoy or benefit from the content you find on this website, help us out by becoming a member so we can continue providing timely updates with valuable content.

⦿ Joining HAFFA or renewing your membership will ensures that you will receive timely notifications of all the club’s activities and events.

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If you have any questions or concerns about using PayPal use the CONTACT FORM below to submit your query. Your email address will not be shared.


HAFFA Annual Dues and generous donations form an integral part of the way we generate our funds for our annual budget.

If you have recently donated or paid your dues for the next year we sincerely thank you. 😀

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ANNUAL HAFFA MEMBERSHIP DUES for those Joining HAFFA or for Returning HAFFA Members paying by PayPal

December is the Renewal Month for the upcoming Year. Our annual HAFFA MEMBERSHIP DUES are set currently at $20.00 per year. Annual Dues have not increased for 15 years and haven’t for 2023. If you wish to pay by PayPal, however, the amount shown below has been increased by $1.22 to exactly cover the costs associated with PayPal’s processing fees. We felt this was the most equitable way to accomplish this. This brings the total PayPal payment option to $21.22. For those wishing to join, your payment of $21.22 automatically makes you a member—or for current members, extends your membership through 2023. NOTE: your browser may show credit card buttons under the “Pay for PayPal” button. These buttons are not valid. Click only the “Pay with PayPal ” button. Thank you for your payment and we welcom you as a member !!! 🙂



Also if you have any questions or concerns regarding HAFFA or your HAFFA annual dues payment, including a query to whether you are paid up or not, please fill out this form. A HAFFA representative will email back to you shortly.

Your email address will not be published and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Required fields are marked.*


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