“By definition—a TALE is a story, either real or fiction, that is told.”

Here we present stories or TALES from our members about their MODEL AIRPLANES. How they were MADE. How they TRIUMPHED or met their DEMISE. Or we are simply trying to convey a STORY associated with them. — You will have to be the judge if they are true or not…

These TALES are in no particular order…

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Jack Vetter prepares his Fokker D-VII for a maiden flight
at one of our summer 2020 Fun Flys.

Also notable here in the snapshot above is that Jack is wearing a T shirt that has the logo of the regional club called TOPMAC which was our club’s name until it was changed to Heart of America Free Flight Association or HAFFA as we know it today.

Revealed in April of 2019, Jack Vetter’s Fokker D-VII is a beauty.
Restoring a Stick and Tissue Old-timer to RC Electric was not an easy task.

GETS RESTORED & converted to Electric RC

Our webpage Restoring and Converting an Old-Timer Model Airplane to RC Electric will show you in pictures and text how this was done. The original Altimeter was built probably sometime in the 90s by Carl Perkins. It was damaged and the tissue was fairly tattered. As you follow along in the slide show at the bottom of the page, you won’t believe the transformation. This page also points out tips and pointers on resorting an older model like this one.

More and more aeromodelers are converting these old “birds” because the technology has come of age.

Paul Morgenroth, III with restored Altimeter Hybrid.

It’s not uncommon for this bird to get flight times of over an hour using a single battery charge. “That’s the challenge—to make the plane and electronics light enough and efficient enough to get record times.” says Paul. “Plus—it’s a bonus not to have to chase it and instead have it come down feet from where you launched it. It’s a win win.” he added.

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Suman Saripalli, Charlie Taylor and Mike Basta working on Suman’s Double Feature Wakefield rubber-powered model at Marion KS in Oct 2016.

This plane was originally built and flown by Carl Perkins of Prairie Village KS a few decades ago (Incidentally, Carl was on the US F1B team at the World Championships in 1961). With trimming help and advice from several fliers at Marion, and serendipitous thermals, the Double Feature went on to make a 9+ minute flight later that day. Suman continues to fly the plane regularly.

More about Carl Perkins can be found on Restoring an Old-Timer.

Smoothie crash lands in clover as HAffa president, jeff renz, races over to inspect the damage.

A sigh of relief was in order when it was discovered that nothing serious was broken. Built from an Easy Built Models Kit over the winter months, Jeff Renz was happy with the Smoothie’s flights later in the day after the incident. “It flew as good as can be expected, given the circumstances.” Jeff said as he packed it away July 7th, 2020 at the end of an evening of flying at one of our Summer Fun Flys.

Mike Basta’s Jimmy Allen Blue Bird — 2015

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Way cool photo of the Model Airplanes and Airport Hangar Matt Basta set up on his driveway for this priceless shot.
Matt Basta you see—was Mike Basta’s dad and got him hooked on model airplane building at an early age of only 5.

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a fitting tribute to Emil Schutzel

Photography by Jeff Nisley

Emil likes the fact that all of the tools and supplies he needs
to keep these birds flying gracefully can be housed in very small boxes.

Here’s a Slide Show featuring Emil Schutzel.

Use the dots at the bottom or the left & right buttons for navigation.

Emil commented to me that “It was a big challenge to making one Windsor chair
but a bigger one to make all three to match!” — Photos by Jeff Nisley
Did you know that haffa member Emil Schutzel made Miniature Furniture back in the 1990s?

Here is one of the many fine examples of Emil’s miniature furniture. Each of the drawers of the dresser above pull out and they all have dove tail joints on all four of their corners (do the math!). To give you some perspective, this piece is about 11 inches tall.

At left are three matching Windsor chairs that emil hand made. He scaled down real sized plans to accomplish this. And yes, he had a small lathe to turn out the many spindles needed and a working miniature table saw to accomplish all this. Amazing!

One can’t even imagine the number of hours needed as well as the skills necessary to produces masterpieces like these.

Emil’s leagle eagle is wound and ready for a flight.
A better flight time is the single and ultimate motivating factor in all of Emil’s efforts throughout the years. — Feb. 2018 —
Here is Emil’s peanut size model of the Santos Dumont 14. Wingsan is 13″. In 1906 Santos-Dumont designed the first French airplane, a lightweight box-kite plane 14-bis, built for him by the Voisin brothers. The 14-bis  pioneered wheeled landing gear, and in 1906, became the first airplane to fly in public (leading many to believe that Santos-Dumont had achieved the first successful airplane flight).

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