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Submitted by and introduction to video written by Blake Nisley, Jeff Nisley’s son. 4/12/2021

DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator) is a continuously-updated hyper-realistic simulator developed by Eagle Dynamics. It is sold in a ‘modular’ format, with a small selection of content available for free, but most unlocked by purchasing modules. This trailer is for the F-14 module, added in March 2018 enabling players to experience unparalleled realism in simulating the Tomcat. Everything from interactive cockpit buttons, air frame wobble and strain, textures and the sounds of “Bitching Betty” are based on real-world reference


Submitted by and introduction to video written by Blake Nisley, Jeff Nisley’s son. 4/12/2021

In DCS World’s most recent trailer, they showcase an update to the graphics of the clouds and sky, bringing a whole new level of realism to the simulator. Clouds have depth, geometry, precipitation, movement and detailed shadow. Players will no longer be able to just ‘turn off’ the clouds at will, and clouds will be global to all players (everybody sees the same clouds in the same places, which wasn’t the case previously). With this cloud aspect that all players share, it means pilots of Russian planes that make use of Electro-Optical equipment must take special care, because their opponents can make use of the obscuring effect of clouds against this tech.


Submitted by Jeff Renz 4/12/2021

This is a video that highlights Burt Madison’s career in the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) during World War II. it is a Patriot Feature Production. In the video Burt talks about Jimmy Stuart having been a pilot and operations officer in the 445th Bombardment Group. He stated that he had the privilege of being among the crew of one of Jimmy’s missions where he piloted a B-24 Liberator.

I can’t help but be truly grateful for the commitment and sacrifices all these men gave in defense of our country.