Timeless Magical Launch of a Youth’s First Model Aeroplane’s Maiden Flight

This beautiful statue is the centerpiece of a landscape display at the entrance to a subdivision here in Lenexa
called Heritage Forest, located at the Corner of Pflumm Road and Pflumm Circle in Lenexa Kansas.

The HAFFA Club is both honored and delighted to have this extraordinary well crafted bronze statue that perfectly captures the Joy of Free Flight located in Lenexa, Kansas. Its location happens to be a stones throw from
a good portion of our members.

“One could say that the members of our club and this statue are kindred spirits. In its simplicity, this statue epitomizes the feelings most of us experience when we launch one of our newly completed creations on its maiden flight.” 🙂

Jeff Nisley — November 6, 2021

You might say that we have “adopted” this statue as our mascot of sorts as it conjures up similar memories of our youthful enthusiasm as a kid launching a model airplane for the first time and watching it soar.

For a poem that portrays a youthful outlook on our Free Flight Hobby, check out “A Conversation Between a Model Boy and a Passing Old Lady”.

For our Club—This statue represents the idea of Free Flight. For another view of the this statue, visit our HOME page.

Below is a Google Map to view its location.

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