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The Management Team at KC Free Fight

Takeoff From Roosevelt Field
The Spirit of St. Louis
Warner Archive

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Submitted by John Clark 4/3/2022


About Warner Archive
Warner Archive Collection is a branch of Warner Bros
home entertainment that releases classic films
and TV that were previously unreleased.

The Joy of Flying Free

Submitted by David Higgins 2/20/2022

A 45 minute introduction to all forms of free flight. Indoor, outdoor and scale flying are featured!

Here is a Playlist of Videos by the National Free Flight Society.

Additionally here is the #freeflight Channel on YouTube. This is a treasure trove of Free Flight Videos !!!

Free Flight Basics #2 – Covering With Japanese Tissue & Inkjet Printing

This 2nd episode explores covering with Japanese tissue
and a segment about printing on tissue with an inkjet printer

Submitted by Jeff Renz 11/18/2021

This is the 2nd episode of a new modeling series, focused on questions and curiosities I’ve received from viewers to my channel in recent years. This is all for you, so share your suggestions and thoughts. I’ll run with the questions about free-flight rubber-power that feel most universal. The 2nd episode focuses on covering with Japanese tissue, and the simple tools needed to complete a good covering job. It also shows a segment about printing on tissue with an inkjet printer.

View his journal HERE.

Photo of max during his WWII service and now.

This is: “Deweese, a Service Story.

Max Deweese—a WWII Veteran.
This is: “Deweese, a Service Story.”

Submitted by Liz Besser 11/18/2021

Max Deweese is quoted: “It was an honor to serve. And I committed myself to it, and I’m just glad God gave me the courage to survive and do it.” – Max Deweese

First came Pearl Harbor. Next came America’s initial response to Japan with Doolittle’s Tokyo raid. Then, the first land-based battles with the Japanese began at Guadalcanal and its surrounding islands. This is where we meet Max Deweese…among the first to confront the Japanese military in our long conquest to restore freedom to the world of WWII. Can any word but “courage” best sum up what Max and so many of his generation exhibited in their young lives?

This is: “Deweese, a service story”.

Power Dive (1941)

Submitted by Jeff Nisley 8/11/2021

Quoting from the August 2021 AMA’s Model Aviation magazine on page 14, “Power Drive is about a geodetic aircraft design undergoing stress tests. During the film, a model appears in numerous sequences, and although it’s not a flying model, it clearly highlights the aircraft’s construction.”


Submitted by and introduction to video written by Blake Nisley, Jeff Nisley’s son. 4/16/2021

DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator) is a continuously-updated hyper-realistic simulator developed by Eagle Dynamics. It is sold in a ‘modular’ format, with a small selection of content available for free, but most unlocked by purchasing modules. This trailer is for the F-14 module, added in March 2018 enabling players to experience unparalleled realism in simulating the Tomcat. Everything from interactive cockpit buttons, air frame wobble and strain, textures and the sounds of “Bitching Betty” are based on real-world reference


Submitted by and introduction to video written by Blake Nisley, Jeff Nisley’s son. 4/16/2021

In DCS World’s most recent trailer, they showcase an update to the graphics of the clouds and sky, bringing a whole new level of realism to the simulator. Clouds have depth, geometry, precipitation, movement and detailed shadow. Players will no longer be able to just ‘turn off’ the clouds at will, and clouds will be global to all players (everybody sees the same clouds in the same places, which wasn’t the case previously). With this cloud aspect that all players share, it means pilots of Russian planes that make use of Electro-Optical equipment must take special care, because their opponents can make use of the obscuring effect of clouds against this tech.


Submitted by Jeff Renz 4/16/2021

This is a video that highlights Burt Madison’s career in the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) during World War II. It is a Patriot Feature Production. In the video Burt talks about Jimmy Stuart having been a pilot and operations officer in the 445th Bombardment Group. He stated that he had the privilege of being among the crew of one of Jimmy’s missions where he piloted a B-24 Liberator.

I can’t help but be truly grateful for the commitment and sacrifices all these men gave in defense of our country.

Summer Day of Model Airplane Flying – Wawayanda, NY – 7.15.20

Submitted by Jeff Renz 2/19/2011

This is what free Flight is all about. Sit back and enjoy.

Pioneers of Model Aviation
— Carl Goldberg —

Submitted by Paul Morgenroth, III — 1/1/2021

What better way to bring in the New Year?

Comments for this short film on YouTube are as follows:
Early color footage (1941) of Carl Goldberg (airplane designer for Comet Models and later owner of Carl Goldberg models) flying one of his designs. Note the attire. Do you wear a tie to go fly?

Rubber-Powered Hodek HK-101,
Max Flight in Wawa — 5.20.17

Submitted by Suman Saripalli — 10/9/2020

Long flight by the 35.75″ rubber-powered Hodek HK-101 twin in ideal conditions at the May 20, 2017 Flying Aces Club contest in Wawayanda. Music: Opus 28 by Dustin O’Halloran. Photos by Tom Nallen.

This video was at the end of a very good article about Free Flight on this web page:

Letting Go: A Look at Free-Flight Model Airplanes
by Terry Dunn on Aug. 2, 2017

Gollywock Sunrise Flight at Wawa 8.1.20 – Heaven on Earth

Submitted by HAFFA Member Jeff Renz — 8/29/2020

No further explanation is necessary for this one—just watch and enjoy the joys of Free Flight!

B-24 Liberator Willow Run Assembly Plant

Submitted by HAFFA Member Jack Vetter — 8/29/2020

Quoted from an article wrtten by John F. Guilmartin on this B-24 Aircraft webpage is the following:

B-24, also called Liberator, long-range heavy bomber used during World War II by the U.S. and British air forces. It was designed by the Consolidated Aircraft Company (later Consolidated-Vultee) in response to a January 1939 U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) requirement for a four-engined heavy bomber.

This video tells the fascinating story of how this plant, dedicated just 6 months before World War II, became able to produce a Liberator every 55 minutes for the war effort. A must watch for history buffs.

Winding A Rubber-Powered Twin – Start To Finish

Submitted By Roie Black — 9/9/2020

Shown at left is Tom Hallman’s 37″ MiG-DIS rubber powered free-flight model.

A few had asked, so I filmed the process of winding my 37″ rubber-powered MiG-DIS twin. Shows the use of a twin stooge, blast tubes and a 10:1 Rees winder. 1600 turns which gives her 85-90 seconds of power. She then goes up for a long ride on a perfectly warm & calm day in Wawayanda, NY. 10.6.16 Music: “Through the Dark” by Helen Jane Long.

How to Convert a Guillows Model Plane to Radio Control Flight

Submitted by Paul Morgenroth, III and Suman Saripalli — 8/30/2020

Admittedly the photo at left of the video is a bit cheesy—however if you have ever wanted to get a basic idea of converting a stick and tissue model airplane to electric radio control—here is the place to start.

If you liked the video at left you will like this one as well: Guillow’s SE5A RC Conversion Build and Flight.

Suman Saripalli and I have been doing this for a number of years now and are now part of a growing number of people taking older models that have “Good Bones” and restoring them by taking the sometimes tattered tissue off, adding our own coverings and completing the project by adding electronics.

This is made more possible in the last 5 years because of an explosion of electronic components for drones and the reduction of the weight of larger storage capacity batteries. Our planes, when completed, fly a little slower than their drone cousins, but in this rushed and sometimes crazy world, its not a bad trait at all to have. Take our word for it—they are certainly worth the time and effort it takes to make the conversion. Keep in mind that Electric Assist Model Airplanes by their nature have longer flight times—sometimes over an hour! You also have control of them it in the air, and lastly don’t forget that you can land them literally at your feet! What an AWESOME combination! Also the fact that there are better receivers and transmitters with lower prices available now, it is easier than ever to get into RC!

Each plane is different so sometimes it’s hard to explain just how to go about the process and know what what is right for each case. This video gives the basics and gives enough detail to make your time worth watching. And yes, he is a bit more serious than the bottom opening graphic of the video would suggest. The video is certainly great for the audience it was intended for.

See also our own transformation of an “Old-timer” converted to Electric Assist by going to Restoring and Converting an Old-Timer Model Airplane to RC Electric Assist on this website. If you have questions about this video or our conversion of the Altimeter-Hybrid leave Suman and I your question or comment in the LEAVE A REPLY at the bottom of this page. Thanks.

A Tiger’s Tale — Part 1

Submitted by Jeff Nisley — 9/1/2020

This are both must see videos. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young Christopher Reeves in this video as the capable pilot of an epic 1930s British biplane The de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth.

A Tiger’s Tale Part 2

If you liked part 1, take time out of your busy day to complete the saga.
You won’t be sorry you did. Thanks for watching.

NoCal test flight – Turbo Cessna 195

Submitted by HAFFA Member Jerry White — 8/29/2020

Gerorge Bredehoft, owner of the website Volare Products, writes: My first attempt at a serious indoor NoCal. Hoping to exceed 3 minutes. This weighs 6 grams and was about the 3rd flight attempt. Here is a link to this Turbo Cessna 195 Laser Cut NoCal SHORT KIT.

Jerry White writes: Here is a video of a NoCal or “No Calorie” indoor model that was my first attempt to build an indoor model airplane. Graceful in its flight, it goes on to make a nice landing. It’s a must see for NoCal enthusiasts.


Submitted by HAFFA MEMBER Dennis Baker — 8/29/2020

As I am just back from Motorized Paragliding Lessons a few weeks ago, I’m excited to get started in this fascinating hobby and to actually participate in my own rig!

Nieuport 11 Bébé

Submitted by HAFFA MEMBER Jeff Nisley — 8/28/2020

I’m actually building a model of this awesome biplane of the WWI area, but sadly to say, it has taken a back seat for a while…

The Nieuport 11 was a French biplane fighter of World War 1, credited with significantly combating the Fokker Scourge of late summer 1915 to early spring of 1916. Quickly supplanted by the Nieuport 17, it was nonetheless a successful and important fighter that served to expand and intensify the air war over the Western Front..

1936 Model Aircraft National Championship

Submitted by the KC Free Flight management team as the first video featured on this page — 8/24/2020.

Here’s an interesting look at a free flight model aircraft contest in 1936 boasting “300 model airplane builders from all parts of the United States, Canada, France and England”.

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