“GALLERIA OF GLIDERS is a SPECIAL SPACE for Aeromodelers to showcase Vintage and Contemporary Glider Designs not commonly found on the Internet. WE will also bring you hand picked Plans and Resources for Building Gliders, and last but not least— time honored OLD FASHONDED ADVICE. Also not commonly found on the INTERNET.”

For this portion of our website,we hope to bring you information for Hand Launched Gliders (HLG) and Catapult Launched Gliders (CLG). Also emphasized will be Building Tips, Glider Plans, Articles and Video Teaching Tools plus more. Stay tuned, we are just getting STARTED.

Dave Higgins’ Glider Drawings

A glorious treasure trove of Dave Higgins’ glider drawings & other noteworthy flyable stuff.

Old School Glider Reunion

A place where the illustrious as well as notorious vintage model airplane gliders have resurfaced—along with other snarky rebels.

The Flip DT (Dethermilizer) System

Above is Dave’s CAD drawing of the DT system he calls the FLIP D. T. SYSTEM which he designed for the Sweepette-Ette 14 Mk. II.
It can however be adopted for use on other similar sized Catapult Launched Gliders as well.

“Whisper” Hand-Launched Glider

Here is the “Whisper’s” article reprinted from the February 1941 Flying Aces magazine written by the designer of the Whisper — Ernest Copeland.
Building instructions as well as a downloadable 8 1/2″ x 11″ plan of the design are included.

Sweepette-Ette 14 Mk. II Catapult-Launch Glider

We can thank Dave Higgins for taking a vintage 1979 Hand Launched Glider and performing his magic by redesigning it into a Catapult Launched Glider. He brings it gracefully into the twenty first century as a detailed CAD Drawing. This web page has all you would ever need to make one of these yourself, regardless of your experience.

Hand Launched Glider Tips by Jerry Barnett

Compiled by Jerry Barnette Member of CAAMA (Capital Area Antique Model Association) in Northern Virginia

If you have any questions or comments about this page or gliders in general, be sure to LEAVE A REPLY below.

Dave Higgins is a new contributor and Jeff Renz is one of our regular KC Free Flight website contributors.

If you know of a Glider Plan that to your knowledge is not on the Internet and you would like to “Bring it to Light”, or if you have a glider plan or something related to gliders you personally designed and want to make it available to the viewers of KC Free Flight, fill out the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of our CONTACT page and leave a brief message describing the glider or project so we can initially get in touch with you to review your plan and determine if it can be added to our website. We appreciate all reqests and your personal info will not be shared. Thanks—The staff at KC Free Flight.

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