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To celebrate our Planet’s December Solstice—here’s our OUR seasonal GIFT TO YOU

— A PRINTABLE greeting CARD —

Greeting Card – Boy with his dog Rufus Flying a 1930s Single-Stick-V-Tail Duel Propeller T-frame Model Airplane.pdf

(When printing—be sure your printer is set to LANDSCAPE mode.)

By clicking the image of the printable card or its link above, it’s entirely possible for you to download and print this PDF file for your own copy of this free gift, or alternately you could also choose to save this file and print multiple cards to send to your Aeromodelling Friends and other acquaintances this holiday season. Helpful how-to instructions are included on the PDF File and also provided below. What a good way to satisfy your Model Airplane Buddies Holiday Card List and at the same time spread the word to others about our Website!!! 😀

NOTE: The image used for this Greeting Card was drawn by illustrator James T Berryman and appeared in a book titled BEGINNERS BOOK OF MODEL AIRPLANES (They Fly) authored by Carl H. Claudy, first published in 1930. This illustration along with many others of his same excellent quality and style, grace this book. This particular illustration can be found on page 128 of this book which contributes to an excellent eight page chapter devoted to building a model airplane typical of the period shown in the illustration called The S.S.V.T or Single-Stick-V-Tail model. Consisting of duel propellers, this type of model aircraft is also called a Twin Pusher, which were popular up until “Tractor” Models (using a single propeller) started winning Model Airplane Contests in the early 1930s.

James was the Son of Clifford Barryman who together produced an amazing amount of pollical cartoons a sampling of which can be found at this website:

National Archives and Records Administration
1940–1963 : Political Cartoons by Clifford Berryman and Jim Berryman

Instructions and helpful tips on how best to recreate this vintage looking card:

Print this Greeting Card on Ivory Card Stock. Use a ball point pen tip (no ink!) to score the fold line, then place a scrap of paper over fold & burnish with the back of a flat plastic ruler. Now trim using the outer tick marks. Wishing you the best & have a Happy New Year !!!

I you are wanting to do a sizeable quantity, you may want to have them printed up at a “Local printing service near me.” Note: If you do a Google search using these exact words (Copy and Paste) you will find that as a result you would have generated a local list of places like Staples, FedEx, UPS Store, etc.

You will need to Download the PDF File and most likely copy it to a flash drive like the one pictured at left. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, here is a helpful link: What is a Flash Drive? Also realize that the associates working at these stores are a wealth of information and are eager to help.

If this becomes a popular feature of our website, we will try to extend our list of printable cards to next year’s Holiday Season.

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Best Wishes and have a PEACEFUL 2023. 😀

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