— Old School Gliders Reunion —

A place where the illustrious as well as notorious vintage model airplane gliders have resurfaced—along with other snarky rebels.

This web page can be likened to a worn and well aged wooden drawer with a surviving stack of still very viable Classic Glider Drawings and other Projects you always wanted to rummage through in search of an idea for your next glider.

So—go for it. There is a good reason these Old-timers are worth taking a second look at. They were proven winners—and should be taken seriously for your next Glider project!

Be sure to also visit Dave’s Glider Drawings. For the first time ever in one place you can access Dave Higgins’ Glider Drawings & Other Noteworthy Projects—check it out!

Wooden Flat File Drawers — a place where Seasoned Glider Drawings
and other drawings of questionable origins are most likely to hang out . . .

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Original 8″ LUNCHBOX
Outdoor Hand Launch Glider

By John Oldenkamp

MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS — September 1975

Small, outdoor, hand-launch glider that can do it all for beginner or experienced chucker. Developed for small fry, it’s anybody’s bird!

Click to go to Dave Higgins’ modified Catapult Version of the original 8″ LUNCHBOX which he has named the

BEAMSBOX FP Catapult Glider

You will be taken to this section on the webpage Dave’s Drawings.

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A-4 “Skyhawk” Catapult

By John BlankenshipDecember 1972 Flying Models

Triple your height with this fast building catapult ship. All you need is a ballfield!

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Brawner’s Record Glider

By Bob Brawner — July 1952 Flying Models

It’s easy to duplicate this Nats winning, record-holding hand-launched glider.

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Note: Unlike the other projects on this page, this one has it’s own web page. This link will take you to that page. Use your browser’s back button to return.

“Whisper” Hand-Launched Glider

By Earnest Copeland — February 1941 Flying Aces

Here is the “Whisper’s” article reprinted from the February 1941 Flying Aces magazine written by the designer of the Whisper — Ernest Copeland. Building instructions as well as a downloadable 8 1/2″ x 11″ plan of the design are included.

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An Indoor Glider by Stan Buddenbohm
and Ralph Ray — CAT III and CAT IV Record Holder

“Indoor Catapult Secrets” are also included in this article.

The Lit L Sweep

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K-G Twin Speedster Model

A Twin Pusher designed by
Kenneth Grunderwald
November 1929 Model Airplane News

A model like this was “designed along lines and aerodynamic principles to produce high-speed and not duration”.

“During the past summer high speed contests have been in vogue at nearly every outdoor model airplane contest and rich prizes have been offered to those who can carry off first honors.”that was was

“The K-G Speedster may also be entered in altitude records as with the special elevator arrangement it is possible to make this plane climb straight into the air at terrific rate of speed.”

This model may not be the first choice for modern day twin pusher competitors, however the documentation and drawings offered here is a valuable insight into the technology of twin pushers during this early era of airplane model building.

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