Search our KCFreeFlight.org website for topics you’re interested in by entering a search word below. As a result a list of links to go to on our site will appear.

Be sure to also visit our Aëromodelling Product Resources for Building Materials, Plans and Model Kits

Free Flight Resources

Free Flight Fantasies — a fantastic Free Flight resource! Check this one out!
An Introductory Guideline to Building and Flying Model Aeroplanes by George Benson

Mike Stuart’s aeromodelling website Mike’s Flying Scale Model Pages has lots of good information,
photos of his work and others—plus How-Tos and Step-by Step Guides. Thoroughly go through this website! 😀

Hand launched Gliders

Hand Launch Gliders
AMA Glider
Hand Launch Glider Tips

OldWoodToys.com —Vintage RTF (ready to fly) commercial balsa wood gliders and ROG (rise off ground) rubber motor with propellers

Useful Charts
Easy Built Models — Color Coded Balsa — BALSA WEIGHT COLOR KEY Document

AMA Flight School

Fine Scale Modeling by Paul Budzik
Paul Budzik’s Website
My workbench
Measuring tools for Modelers
Airbrushing for Modelers 101

RC — Remote Control Links
Electric Plane by Gordon

Horizon Hobby — Airplanes
Sceptre Flight  — Model Engine Tests
RC Bookcase — Vintage Model Airplane Mags and Books
RCLibrary is a collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download.
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2 guys flying gollywok300

Sister Organizations

SAM 8 Model Airplane Club (David Higgin’s Model Airplane Club in Washington, USA


Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers (WHAM)

The Magnificent Mountain Men (MMM) Free Flight Club

Tulsa Glue Dobbers

Other Free Flight Websites:
Old Wakefields

Printable PDF Aeromodeling Documents

Applying HDPE Covering Material on Indoor Models Using Rubber Cement

Printable Airplane Font:

Ray Week’s Font—Alphabet and Numbers

Carved Balsa Wood Propeller Plan/Guide

Airplane Data sheet

Guide to Adjusting Indoor Model Aircraft

Gene Wallock — Twin Pusher Building and Flying Tips

15 to 1 Winder Chart

My Approach to Rubber Scale Flying by Don Deloach (Don’s choice for rubber lube—last paragraph)

Balsa Wood Density Chart Comprehensive

Balsa Density Charts

Decimal/Metric Equivalent Chart

Lists of Articles Featuring Aeromodeling
850 FREE – Free Flight Articles – PFFT
Techical Library for the National Free Flight Society

Model Aircraft Organizations
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

Society of Antique Modelers (SAM)
National Free Flight Society (NFFS)
Flying Aces Club (FAC)

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