A New World of Opportunities is on the Horizon by Joining HAFFA

Every year we sponsor an Annual HAFFA Outdoor Marion Free Flight Contest at the Marion Kansas Airport. We have many competitors each year, and all who participate or watch us have a great time!

If you are unfamiliar with our Hobby of Free Flight, clicking this link will provide you with a broad overview of just how diversified and interesting Aeromodeling is in addition to being just plain fun. If you are interested in joining our organization, visit our CONTACT US web page and fill out the CONTACT FORM with your name and email address along with a message, and and one of our Officer holders will get back to you shortly. Your information will not be shared.

As an incentive to become an active member, we would like to give you the opportunity to Join our HAFFA organization at half the annual membership rate currently set at $20.00 per year, to just $10 for the first year. Visit our HAFFA Membership Dues page for more details.

Mike Basta getting ready to launch his “Jader 60 Towline Glider” at the 2019 Marion Free Flight Contest.

We try to have interesting programs scheduled for each of our monthly Meetings. The late WWII Veteran, Burt Madison, was our guest speaker at our October 2019 HAFFA business meeting.

Becoming a member of HAFFA a.k.a. the Heart of America Free Flight Association—is certainly worthwhile.

Browse this website to get a feel of what we’re all ABOUT. Also go to some of our activity pages to find the dates and their times. In the fall and winter months we fly indoors at our monthly Indoor Flying Sessions.

Summer is the time for outdoor fun at one of our Outdoor HAFFA Flying Sessions. Clicking on this link will show you the dates and times. We are a casual group and welcome any newcomers to our club no matter what your Free Flight abilities are! 😀

Here’s a few words from a relatively speaking — “Newcomer” to this hobby, Jeff Nisley. I became a HAFFA member in 2013.

Pictured above is Mike Basta getting ready to launch his Jader 60 Tow Line Glider.
If you look closely at the right wing, you will see that his AMA number is 9507. The old-timers in this hobby will tell you that’s a fairly low number. To give some perspective, AMA, short for Academy of Model Aeronautics, is the largest organization of its kind with a current membership of approximately 195,000 members, with nearly 57,000 of these being youth members under 19 years of age. Founded in 1936, the AMA is the official national body for model aviation in the United States.

You see—Mike, our former president, has been building airplane models since he was 5 and when he was ready—they hadn’t gotten around to handing out very many memberships when he joined AMA. Now we affectionately call him MacGyver because he likes to fix things, mostly model airplanes and along with that he has mentored many kids in model building over the years.

It’s interesting to note that Mike’s Jaderr 60 Tow Line Glider pictured above was severely damaged in several places (snapped in half actually) on a windy day in 2018 when it crashed. 😦 But no matter. It was repaired by Mike to almost new condition and ready to fly again as you can see. In his words “It’s all a part of a challenging and rewarding hobby. You take your lumps along with your successes!”. Mike tells a fascinating story about his fathers Jader 60 at this link: Mike Basta’s Story of His Father’s Jader 60 Towline Glider.

Don’t be put off initially by hard you think it would be for you to get comfortable with this hobby.
Everyone takes a few baby steps at first and rightfully so everyone is a“Newbie” at almost anything they do in life! Excellent help and support from many of our fellow HAFA members is par for the course. I know. I was also a newbie to this hobby myself. Mike has taught me a great deal of what I now know now about aeromodeling and continues to be an inspiration to all HAFFA members—including myself.

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