Contacting Us Has Gotten a Little Easier After a Century of Progress.

We are the Heart of America Free Flight Association or HAFFA — Our Website’s address is We’re also known as KC Free Flight.

We certainly have come a long way in 100 years. Airplane mail delivery was in its infancy. Oh what bravery! What we call Snail Mail is still around, however fortunately many new forms of person to person contact have come our way—even on a global scale! 😀 Something to ponder: For the month of October, 2021 alone, this website got over 1600 views worldwide from over 600 visitors. We’re fairly proud of that!

To get a hold of us, use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this page. By providing your contact information including your email address, we will be able to respond to you as soon as possible. We will not share any of your information. If you would like to know a little ABOUT us—click this link.


Jeff Renz — President
& Club Safety Coordinator

Mike Basta — Vice President

Roie Black — Secretary

We’re not asking you to loading up heavy bags of mail and flying cross country in an open cockpit just to communicate with us… Simply use our exceptionally convenient CONTACT FORM directly below. Thanks!

Unloading Airmail in Chicago, Illinois, 1921

The above photograph is part of a collection of vintage photos at this link:

29 Amazing Vintage Photos of the Early Days of Transporting Letters and Packages by Planes in America

Jack Vetter — Treasurer

Dana Field — Newsletter Editor

Jeff Nisley —Webmaster &
Program Director

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