HAFFA Members Help Science Olympiad Participants for 2017

boy with plane

This year’s Science Olympiad held February 25th, 2017 was a Success.
An abundance of HAFFA members turned out to help run the event, with Jeff Renz in charge of the airplane event for High School Juniors, and Dana Field in charge of the Senior event which featured helicopters.

Mike and Vedha winding aircraft
Mike Basta helps wind the rubber motor of Vedha Penmetcha’s “Vangard P-18” indoor model aircraft for this year’s Science Olympiad contest

This year’s Science Olympiad held February 25th, 2017 was a success.

two contestantsThis year Mike Basta, shown above was the “Go To Guy” for advice—among others in the club, to help students with their airplanes, both in terms of trimming them, which means making sure they fly right and climb in a circle within the space of the building, and also by helping them repair them if needed. Mike has been very willing to share is knowledge and experience to  the younger set new to the hobby.

Attending this year’s Science Olympiad were HAFFA members Jeff and Peggy Renz, Charlie Taylor, Elisabeth Basser, Dana Field, Tom, and Jeff Nisley.

At right is Yuwen Li and Vedha Penmetcha with their Vangard P-18 model aircraft. The “18” stands for the length of the wingspan of 18″. They represented ______High School. Vedha did a great job of making the model, and with the help of Mike Basta and many trials, the observed flight times of her plane went from a few seconds to a very respectable time in the air of _____. Their plane came in ________ in a field of _____ other entries. The winning time was______ and went to _______ High School.

Below is a flight of Yuwen Li and Vedha Penmetcha’s P-18:

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