New Easy Way To Learn Aviation

Just for fun we feature an ad scanned from an ad featured in a September 1934 Popular Aviation Magazine:


To view and print a full sized PDF of the ad to the right, use this link: Make-Models-for-Money.

In 1934, a kit to build a model by the Ideal Aeroplane & Supply Co., costs $1.75.

It’s a “New Easy Way to Learn Aviation”. The ad goes on to suggest that “boys” (not girls) could earn a lot of money building models, by purchasing the company’s kits they are promoting  and selling them to advertisers “for display purposes”. Harry says he’s going to “sell mine” and then 18 year old Jack and “Dad” get into a further sales pitch in an effort to convince you that this is a great thing to do even though it happens to be in the very midst of America’s worst depression.

After all, it is an “Absolutely Accurate Model of BOEING P-26A”.

P.S. Notice the pile of cash just above the entry blank!    —ENJOY!—

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