Jeff Nisley — Aug 2019 HAFFA Member

Main View - Jeff Nisley's Half-size Kansas Wakefield
Jeff Nisley’s Half-size Kansas Wakefield.

This month we feature the author’s Half-size Kansas Wakefield.

A full size Wakefield is shown below.  Other Wakefields of this era can be found at Old

1939 Kansas Wakefield. Built by Al Seither

Because Flying sites have become smaller, there is a trend to build them as Half-size models. The Kansas Wakefield is no exception. Jeff’s model was made from a kit purchased from Jim O’Reilly’s Model Plans.
There are other Half-size Wakefield kits available there as well.

— Photo Gallery —

Below is a Photo Gallery of the photos I took of the model August 2nd, 2019 at Hidden Woods Park in Lenexa, Kansas.

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