Reasons to Join HAFFA—KC

 Our club is called “HAFFA—KC” or Heart of America Free Flight Association—Kansas City.  We welcome new members.

As a recent new member of HAFFA—KC, Jeff Nisley has outlined his many reasons for joining below:

“Sleek Streek” circa late 1950’s

As a new member of the club, I can tell you that all the members have welcomed me wholeheartedly and and have willingly offered their help and knowledge to someone that wants to learn as much about the hobby as I possibly can.

As as a youngster, I enjoyed playing with dime store balsa wood gliders . As a retired person now, it’s fun to return to the innocence of my youth, watching a hand propelled glider “do its thing”. As a youth (1950’s—born in 1952) I also watched my dad’s friends flying gasoline motor propelled model airplanes.

Years later as I return to this thing called Free Flight, I come back to it, eager to learn the specifics of flight—and to some extent, experience the same joys the Wright Brothers Wilbur and Orville experienced as a result of their own experiments to gain insight into what it really takes to fly.

It was the Wright Brothers experiments with “Gliders” that eventually lead to mankind’s first powered, controlled flight Dec 17. 1903.

“Gliders” in fact have played pivotal rolls in the advancement of aviation. Our members have a wonderful time competing among themselves with their meticulously handcrafted hand gliders. (Watching them fly makes the problems of the world go away for me for a few minutes every time I observe them).

I sense that all aeromodelers by their own methods of trial and error in learning how to get their own models to fly, experience similar feelings to those the brothers felt that cold windy day back in December of 1903, four miles south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Fortunately for me, mankind has taken some major steps forward by having over 100 years in the skies, but more specific to my circumstances, it is the benefit of having the availability, experience, and know-how of the members of HAFFA—KC , to teach me the time honored ways of doing things.

If you feel the same way as I do—consider joining our club or at least come and watch us having fun. Here is a link to our Contact  on our web site, check out our “About” page while you’re at it.

We’ll let you know when and where our next round of our “Experimental Flights” are going to take place.

Enjoy the links I have provided above—they were fun to put together! —Jeff Nisley