Roie Black Unknowingly Submits a New Video for our “Members’ Movies and Video Picks” web page.

At exactly 4:14 pm on July 20, 2020, Roie Black sent an email to Jeff Nisley—the webmaster for our HAFFA website—with a link to a video he happened to like. Little did he know then, that it would end up on our HAFFA Website on September 9th, 2020. It’s a great video and the newest entry to date and if you haven’t visited this new page for our recently revamped website, here’s your chance. Look for Roie’s submittal 3 videos down on this page:

Enjoy “Winding A Rubber-Powered Twin – Start To Finish” here: Members’ Movies & Video Picks

In the future if you want to return to Members’ Movies & Video Picks, it’s the fourth and last menu item under the main menu item called Freeflight Checklist.

The web page “Freeflight Checklist is kind of a catch all—a Go-To List if you will— for several notable pages that Aeromodelers like you will want to return to in the future as content is regularly added.

The staff at KC Free Flight — 9/9/20

The page title FreeFlight Checklist was inspired by what all pilots do before they take off and that is to check their Preflight Checklist, a list that pilot Roie Black is well aware of.

If you have a suggestion for a video you think our Aeromodeling community would like, send an email with the YouTube URL link to Jeff Renz or Jeff Nisley. If you don’t have their email addresses, submit your movie or video by using the CONTACT FORM on our CONTACT Page. Thanks in advance. The KC Free Flight staff.

Please Welcome Dave Higgins and Myself, Jeff Renz — Your New GUIDES to the GALLERIA OF GLIDERS —

Today—with the help of our HAFFA Team I totally take pride in “LAUNCHING” a new page for the KC Free Flight website called—the “GALLERIA OF GLIDERS“. Dave Higgins and I have teamed up to be your guides to this SPECIAL SPACE that brings you the LATEST in everything related to GLIDERS—in other words—A GALLERIA OF THE GLIDER UNIVERSE! (this is a tall order so be patient).

You can easily find this link in the MENU above because it happens to be in the CENTER!

GALLERIA OF GLIDERS will showcase Vintage and Contemporary Glider Designs as well as Resources for Glider Enthusiasts, whether the focus is Hand Launched Gliders (HLG) or Catapult Launched Gliders (CLG). Also featured will be Building Tips, Glider Plans, Articles and Video Teaching Tools—plus more.

Watch this SPACE. We’re just getting STARTED!

Plan your trip now to visit the GALLERIA! (No masks required!)