Change of Venue for Max Deweese’s Speaking Engagement — HAFFA Meeting Nov. 16th, 2021 6:00 to 800 pm

New Venue: Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS

Because of the positive response to Max’s speaking engagement, a larger venue has been obtained. We are now going to have the meeting at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Meeting Rooms A and B. This meeting room seats a total of 45 persons so bring your friends !!!! A Google Map to the Center has been provided at the bottom of this web page so you can plan your route.

It is a real honor to have Max Deweese as the guest speaker for our November 16th HAFFA monthly meeting from 6 to 8 pm at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Be our guest as Max tell his story and takes questions afterwards about his service and his ongoing commitment to World War II Veterans. This meeting is open to the public, so bring your spouse or partner and tell any friends you may have about this event. 🙂

Click this link to view a 14 minute 30 second video that was filmed when he was 96 years old. This year marks his 100th year.

This is: “Deweese, a Service Story”.

Max was one of the first American soldiers to engage the Japanese in an offensive military operation. One of the many missions during his service critical to the early war effort was the mission to see that the Japanese were not successful in building an airport at Guadalcanal.

His service along with countless other veterans were crucial to the eventual success of the allied forces in turning the tide in the Pacific war effort which ultimately lead to the surrender of Japan.

This month’s HAFFA Meeting will take place at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Here is the address:

Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center
6200 Martway St, Mission, KS 66202

Below is a Google Map to the Center

Program for October 19th HAFFA Meeting —> All You Wanted to Know About Vintage Twin Pushers . . .

YIKES !!!!! 🙂 This month’s HAFFA Meeting is RAPIDLY CREEPING UP ON US! (Tuesday Oct. 19th — 6:00 to 8:00 pm).

This month we’ll delve into the sometimes mystifying realm of TWIN PUSHER MODEL AIRPLANES popular in the 20s and 30s.

Believe it or not these quirky machines still hold a special place in the hearts of a seemingly glowingly smaller but massively dedicated group of Aeromodelers! To make and fly one gives you a lifetime membership into this ELITE CLUB. 🙂

At the meeting we will have some example TPs for you to examine, some short videos of them in flight, and questions and answers from a long time experienced TP maker and flyer, MIKE BASTA, winner of the Twin Pusher Mass Launches at the 2018 and 2019 Marion Contests.

Our club, HAFFA, has a rich history encompassing these aircraft and it’s worth learning about and supporting their future! 😉 If you haven’t already seen our web page about this subject please check out our History of HAFFA Part 1.


Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS
(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

Don’t Miss HAFFA’s Marion, KS Outdoor Free Flight Contest

Hey Free Flighters !!!!!

— Make the Journey to Marion, KS where HAFFA (Heart of America Free Flight Association) is Hosting its Fall Outdoor Free Flight Contest. Bring all that you dare to bring and compete with fellow aeromodelers to try to win our brand new Marion Contest Trophy !!! —

Ocotober 2nd and 3rd, 2021 are the scheduled dates for this year’s event.

More information and this year’s printable Marion Contest Flyer and Contest Score Cards can be found at this web page:

20th Annual HAFFA Outdoor Marion Free Flight Contest

As of 9/24/2021 Country Inn Motel has 10 rooms available for the 1st and 2nd of October. Because of Covid, reservations can only be made the morning of the 1st to reserve the two days. Information concerning possible additional lodging arrangements can be found on page 2 of the flyer.

Good Luck to all those Fortunate to Attend.
It will be a Blast !!!!

Featured B Movie for August HAFFA Meeting will be “Power Dive (1941)”

Join us next Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm for a good old-fashioned B movie from 1941 that features a “very cool” model airplane.

Quoting from the August 2021 AMA’s Model Aviation magazine on page 14, “Power Drive is about a geodetic aircraft design undergoing stress tests. During the film, a model appears in numerous sequences, and although it’s not a flying model, it clearly highlights the aircraft’s construction.”

Click here to visit the “Power Dive (1941)” Web Page

Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS

(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

Three new Videos added to Member Movies and Video Picks

Here is a heads up to three videos to enjoy that on the surface seem unrelated however I believe there is a strong common thread.

The top 2 videos have been produced by DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator). These men that I will refer to is a “crew” work on current day simulator graphics that the US Government uses to train fighter pilots. What you are seeing in these two top video trailers is the civilian version of video game graphics that has progressed to a high degree of realism.

Below these trailers is a video of our late beloved late WWII United States Army Air Corps veteran, Burt Madison. He was a member of several “flight crews” responsible for securing the allied victory and securing the peace.

Although from completely different time periods in our US history, we owe a dept of gratitude to both crews. Click the link below to go to this page:

Members’ Movies & Video Picks

Note: The author of this Post is not affiliated with DCS World and my intention is not to advertise for this company. The reason these were selected is that I believe our viewers might enjoy them.

New Gallery & Slide Show for the Sky Battle 2021 Postal Contest

For those following this Postal Contest we have added a web page
featuring photos of your Guillow’s Javelin and Lancer “Flying Models.”

Here’s a link to the new web page:

Sky Battle 2021 Postal Contest — Guillow’s Javelin and Lancer Gallery and Slide Show.

Official Flights must be made between
Saturday April 24, 2021 and Sunday April 25, 2021.

For those that are entering this contest—Fair Winds and Good Luck.

Durable Rubber Banded Landing Gear for Guillow’s Javelin & Lancer Flying Models

Here’s BIG NEWS for those taking part in this year’s Sky Battle 2021 Lancer Javelin Postal Contest.

For those that have experienced a bit of trouble when trying to successfully land one of these models without hurting or in some cases destroying the landing gear—you must be thinking “There must be a better way!

Well Help is here. Directions to make a Rubber Banded Landing gear is just a click away!

A new web page has been added in the Hints’n Tips Section of our website.

Click the thumbnail of the PDF document
or the link below to go to the web page.

Rubber Banded Landing Gear for Guillow’s
Javelin & Lancer Flying Models

Here you will find two pages of instructions in PDF format to download and print including full scale parts drawings and helpful fabrication hints.

Also included is a gallery of additional helpful photos and a future featured photo gallery of your “Flying Models”. (Send us your pictures!)

Good luck on all your projects and as always Fair Winds. —Jeff Nisley