Aëromodelling Detective Jeff Renz’s Case Files


Shown here is Master Sergeant Detective
Jeff Renz’s Overflowing Free Standing File Cabinet Full
of what most people would describe as an Aeromodelling Assets Archive!

Stacks and
of Case Files.

What to Do?

For several decades now HAFFA Member Jeff Renz has been an AVID Airplane Model builder and collector of everything having to do with AËROMODELLING. One glance at his (cramped) work station will tell you he hangs on to everything and CHUCKS MOST OF IT in an OVERFLOWING FILE CABINET! One would think it would be a CRIME to think that this vast collection of Aeromodelling Paraphernalia including plans, vintage model airplane magazine articles and other MODELLING STUFF going as far back as the 1950s WOULD GO TO WASTE and wouldn’t have any PLANS TO BE SHARED with the rest of the Aëromodelling Community! 🤔

We’ve hereby set up this Webpage as a way to SHARE THIS VAST AËROMODELLING ARCIVE— Case File 📁by Case File 📂 !!! 😎

Recently promoted to Master Sergeant Aëromodelling Detective—Jeff Renz, together with the help of Webmaster Assistant Jb Nisley, has now joined forces to take on a gargantuan task to search for and bring to you obscure but valuable Aëromodelling information which by the way, can take a variety of forms. We’ll go wherever the facts lead us—even beyond the scope of Jeff’s File Cabinet—which means that this material can originate from just about anywhere!

What’s great about this is—is that it’s totally free to you with no account to setup and no passwords to remember. We’ve made it just a simple click to download PDF files to print on your printer so you can have your own copy and because it’s the Internet—you can benefit from our efforts no matter where you live! 🌎

So—with Sergeant Jeff’s Old-Fashioned Shoe-Leather Detective Work 👞 & Nisley’s Sleuthing Abilities, 🔎 we’re confident You’ll want to come back to this CRIME SCENE Webpage FREQUENTLY !!! 🚔

SO DONT BE AFRAID to step over the CAUTION Tape to access this Webpage—cause we’re handing you the CASE FILES ! 🤗

Starting with Case File #1 📁 we will be adding new “Aëromodelling Case Files” on a regular basis as we search for and uncover Noteworthy Material to bring to you.

So dust off your own trusty Magnifying Glass 🔎 to begin examining this Webpage so you can . . . . DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATION OF THESE AMAZING CASE FILES !!!

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Aëromodelling Detective Case File #2 - KC Free Flight

Part 4 Wings

Reprinted from June, 1952, this 1950s Article goes into a great deal of outstanding detail about the numerous ways wings are made. It’s chocked full of useful illustrations and well thought-out tips that most certainly have stood the test of time.

Often times instructions for Model airplane kits don’t really cover the basics for their construction. This article spells out all the considerations that one needs to take into account when fabricating this crucial item—the wing. Seasoned modellers as well as novices will gain valuable information from this well written article.

AIRFRAME WING CONSTRUCTION – June 1952 Aero Modeller.pdf

Click this link or the image above to download and print a copy of this 5 page PDF File. When finished, return to this page by clicking the back arrow at the top left of your browser.

Learning the techniques and procedures outlined in this article will go along way in your ability to repair & strengthen damaged wings in the future.

This article appeared in the June, 1952 Aero Modeller magazine pages 355-359

Master Sergeant Aëromodelling Detective Jeff Renz was responsible for the search that ultimately lead to bringing Case #2 out of obscurity and into the light of day to share with fellow Aëromodellers !!!

“Quality wing construction is a vital component of all model airplanes. This article has informative illustrations that detail scratch building tips as well as strengthening strategies. A must read for all modellers.”
— Jeff Renz 2/17/2023 —

Be sure to check out our Webpage devoted to the final stage of wing construction —Applying Tissue to Model Airplanes.

In addition to this Webpage there is another designed to address Tissue Tears and a slick way to fix them—often invisibly !!! Go to: Repairing Tissue Tears on Model Aircraft.

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Aëromodelling Detective Case File #1 - KC Free Flight


BASIC Aeromodelling couldn’t be more appropriate for the title of our 1st Case File.

Jb’s take on this article is that it is an excellent introduction to balsa (or balsawood if you prefer) and discusses its properties relevant to model builders. This article covers its history, identifies the different grains & their different applications, and gives advice for cutting and gluing.

All you need to know about Balsawood
as a novice or a seasoned Aeromodeller is presented here in this concise and well written article.

BALSA – BASIC Aeromodelling – Jan 1966 Aeromodeller Magazine Article.pdf

Click this link or the image above to download and print a copy of this 4 page PDF File. When finished, return to this page by clicking the back arrow at the top left of your browser.

This article has several excellent Balsa Density Charts—however nowadays a more accurate and easier method is to use an online Balsa Density Calculator. You will also need a Digital Gram Scale to carry out this task. Page 27 has a chart to show you where the different densities are used. 😁 — Good Luck!

This 1st Aëromodelling Case File was searched for, located and brought to you by Renz’s Assistant Sleuth 🔎 Jb Nisley.

“Basa Wood now is the number one BASIC MATERIAL used in the construction of Stick and Tissue Model building but it wasn’t always that way.”
— Jb Nisley 2/15/2023 —

More about the history of balsawood and its relationship with model building can be found at AMA’s Webpage Aero History.

This article appeared in the January 1966 Aero Modeller magazine pages 26-29

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