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Shown above is Mike Basta getting ready to launch his tow line glider. If you look closely you will see that his AMA number is 9507. The old-timers in this hobby will tell you that’s a pretty low number. To give some perspective, there are approximately 195,ooo members now with nearly 57,000 of these being youth members under the age of 19.

You see—Mike, our former president, has been building airplane models since he was 5 and they hadn’t gotten around to hand out too many memberships when he got his. We affectionately call him MacGyver because he likes to fix things, mostly model airplanes.

The plane that’s pictured above was severely broken in several places on a windy day in 2018 when it crashed head first. No matter. It was repaired to like new condition and ready to go as you can see. It’s all a part of a challenging rewarding hobby.

Don’t be put off by hard you think it might me to get into this hobby. Everyone takes baby steps at first. Excellent help and support from our fellow members is par for the course. I know. I was once a newbie to this hobby. Mike has taught me a great deal of what I now know about aeromodeling and continues to be an inspiration to all of the HAFFA members, including me.

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