Hints’n Tips

This page offers Hints, Tips, and Techniques.

In addition to this page there is a wealth
of information on our Links and Resources page on our website including:

Suppliers, Useful Charts, Remote Control or RC Resource links, and General Information and links for those new to Aeromodeling, as well as links to our Sister Organizations and other Free Flight Websites. You will also find a list of downloadable PDF documents helpful to Areromodelers.

Lastly I would be remiss if I didn’t include these two lists on this page. They are a wealth of information.

850 FREE – Free Flight Articles – PFFT

Techical Library for the National Free Flight Society

Hints’n Tips List

Braiding Rubber Motors for Model Aircraft — Clockwise/Clockwise Method

Repairing Tissue Tears on Model Aircraft

Applying Tissue to Model Airplanes

Adhesives and Finishes plus Printing on Tissue

Durable Rubber Banded Landing Gear for Guillow’s Javelin & Lancer Flying Models

Portable Building Boards and Modeling Pins

Adhesives and Finishes plus Printing on Tissue

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As time allows watch this space for more HINTS’n Tips coming your way.
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