KCFreeFlight.org Website Reaches 20,000 Views on December 16th, 2022

Cecilia says —

To reach 20,000 visits for the year is certainly a Milestone for this Website. Many thanks to YOU—one of the the faithful 8,424 Site Visitors so far this year for your interest both in this Website and Free Flight Modeling in general.

It seems that Aeromodelling as a hobby has indeed taken off again (pun intended) not only in the USA but Worldwide as well. I say again because I believe there is a real resurgence in people now desiring to fly and watch free flight model airplanes in flight. 🙂

One surprising thing that this Webmaster has noticed the past few years is the gradual rise in the popularity of one of our KCFreeFlights.org’s Web pages. That would be none other than a “Crazy” page titled Portable Building Boards and Modeling Pins.

binary comment

Following the Stats for this page over time has revealed an interesting trend these past several years. The number of visits for this single Web page has invariably followed very closely at 10% of the total number of visits for the Website—at least for this past year.

Take a close look below at a screen shot taken of the Stats Chart for KCFreeFlight.org—captured December 16, 2022:

(And yes, I happened to catch it right at the 20,000 mark—much like we like watching an Odometer turn to 100,000.)

If you look closely you will find that the “Portable Building Boards and Modeling Pins” Web page had 1958 visits, which works out to be almost 10% of the site’s 20,000 visits alone, and at the same time beating the entry to the website’s HOME PAGE’s visits by 203 !!! When the Web page debuted in 2017 the total number of views only garnered 191 but in the following year it ballooned to 756 which was just shy of a 400% gain and has since steadily gained in popularity. Here is the original sketch I used as my Cutting Sheet when the page first appeared in 2017:

And here is the Downloadable PDF Sheet for building your own set of these Building Boards now in 2022:

Portable Building Boards Ceiling Tile Cutting Pattern.pdf
Click on the link or the thumb nail image above to download and print all you need to know to make these boards!!! 😉

Since taking over the website in 2015 when it was titled FlyHAFFA.com, to today where the website is now called KCFreeFlight.org—it has been an interesting and fun journey. Myself and the staff here definitely owes a large part of its success by you the Site Viewers that continue to supporting us, and in a large part the younger generation of modelers that has embraced this

Long Standing and Enormously Interesting Hobby of Ours Called Aeromodelling.

Thanks again for your support,

Jeffrey B. Nisley (aka Jb) – Webmaster

Jeff Renz – Adviser and Editor

HAFFA Member Suman Saripalli launching Paul Morgenroth III’s
Altimeter “Hybrid” Electric Battery Powered “Phoenix Bird.”

2023 — The dawn of a new day for Free Flight Aeromodelling has begun !!!

P.S. People ask me about the spelling of Aeromodelling and if it is correct or not. Turns out that Americans like the spelling Aeromodeling while the rest of the world prefers the spelling Aeromodelling.

I prefer to go with Aeromodelling. 😀 —Jb—

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