Three new Videos added to Member Movies and Video Picks

Here is a heads up to three videos to enjoy that on the surface seem unrelated however I believe there is a strong common thread.

The top 2 videos have been produced by DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator). These men that I will refer to is a “crew” work on current day simulator graphics that the US Government uses to train fighter pilots. What you are seeing in these two top video trailers is the civilian version of video game graphics that has progressed to a high degree of realism.

Below these trailers is a video of our late beloved late WWII United States Army Air Corps veteran, Burt Madison. He was a member of several “flight crews” responsible for securing the allied victory and securing the peace.

Although from completely different time periods in our US history, we owe a dept of gratitude to both crews. Click the link below to go to this page:

Members’ Movies & Video Picks

Note: The author of this Post is not affiliated with DCS World and my intention is not to advertise for this company. The reason these were selected is that I believe our viewers might enjoy them.

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