“March Madness” and a Call to Action . . .

Author Jeff Renz with a closing statement provided by JB Nisley

The roll out of this month’s March 2022 CASEY’S (KC’S) Free Flight BLOG Post just so happens to coincide with a very popular basketball tournament in the United States called “March Madness.” So I’m letting you know now that the reason to include these two words in the title of this particular Post will be hopefully explained at this Post’s conclusion.

The number one reason for this post is to alert and to also urge all HAFFA Members and friends to actually READ the March edition of Casey’s (KC’s) Free Flight BLOG which is now published for your scrutiny.

In addition to the March Post now just published, there is also the February’s BLOG published last month that is directly below this month’s so continue reading when you get to the end of March’s if you haven’t already had a chance to peruse that.

It’s no surprise to many that our KCFreeFlight.org website is gaining a great deal of acceptance here in the USA’s Midwest and other parts of America as well as many far flung parts of the world. Both myself (Blogger & Editor in Chief) and JB Nisley (Blogger & webmaster) for Casey’s (KC’s) Free Flight BLOG both wholeheartedly agree that we think you will be presently surprised at the content and the way JB has put together this BLOG.

You can do your part to support what we are trying to do here by actually taking the time to subscribe to Casey’s (KC’s) Free Flight BLOG. The form to do this is at the bottom of each of all of the web pages on our KCFreeFlight.org website (even this one by the way). What this all means is that you will simply get an email in your inbox alerting you to the fact that a fresh new Post has appeared on our KCFreeFlight.org website (AND nothing else—NO ADS for instance.) If you like the direction we’re headed—this will give you a timely heads up for you to be informed of our progress in a timely manor, and also that you won’t unknowingly miss anything. Please know that you can unsubscribe at any time and rest assured we won’t share your email address or any of your information. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR SUBSCRIBING !!! 😀

Over the past several weeks JB and I have kind of adopted this slogan for Casey’s BLOG we like that goes like this: “If You’ve Become a FAN of Casey’s—Tell your Friends Where To Find Us!”

In closing out this post I promised that I would try to explain the reference to March Madness in the title of this Post. It turns out that JB has been kind enough to step in here and help us out by providing his explanation:

Early aeronautical pioneer “Casey Baldwin, who in 1908, was busy making historic flights with his Aerodrome #2 – White Wing manned flying machine—would most likely have had a much different perspective on what the phrase “March Madness” would be possibly be referring to.

There is a slight but real possibility that he would have thought you were talking about the possible angered reaction of the residents of Baddeck, Nova Scotia, directed at what have might have occurred at the time—and that is that their anticipated arrival time of the Atlantic tide coming in didn’t occur as expected and as a result caused them anguish.

That would explain their ” March Madness.” ;D

P.S. Take my advice and please don”t hesitate to Click on the Baddeck, Nova Scotia link underlined above. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the Video if you scroll down a bit on this page . . . or here is is to view if you missed it. Alexander Graham Bell in Nova Scotia.

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