Swaying Telephone Poles in the Spirit of St. Lewis Movie Clip? — Check out the new Members’ Movies & Videos Pick by John Clark

HAFFA Member John Clark knows how to pick ’em when it comes to choosing a REAL NAIL BITER !!! 😀 Who doesn’t like a Jimmy Stewart’s Classic film—and especially The Spirit of St. Lewis? This movie clip is only 3 minutes and 14 seconds long—so take a break from whatever you are going and sit back and ENJOY!

Click here to go to Members’ Movies & Video Picks to view the Clip.

WEBMASTER JB’s OBSERVATION: It’s a small but dramatic detail that I noticed the director chose to include in this film to actually add drama to an already rather intense initial scene. If you are paying close attention when the plane clears the telephone lines—it appears that the telephone poles actually “sway” from the wind turbulence caused by the aircraft as it passes. REALLY? It certainly makes for good cinema but I think it kinda stretches what us AEROMODELLERS know about the physics of wind forces in my opinion—however I RATHER LIKE THIS NICE DEPARTURE FROM REALITY . . . . IN FACT I LIKE THE WAY THEY “SWAY” !!! 😀

This movie by the way is available to borrow from our Johnson County Library in videodisc DVD format here in Kansas, USA. You may have a source similar to this where you live. The run time for this movie is 135 min. Both John and JB are going to check out the DVD and enjoy a second viewing of it . . . . and yes—we’ll get a bowl of Popcorn and our favorite beverage & watch those crazy poles swing on the BIG SCREEN !!! 😉

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