— Saturday Sept 4th, Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th. —

For Information Click Here:
The 2021 Bill Warner Memorial
Sky Bunny Postal Contest

This year’s Sky Bunny contestants are going to compete starting at 6:00 till 8:00 at our regular summer Flying Site
at the Frontier Trail Middle School in Olathe KS.
The address is at 143rd and Blackbob or
15357 W 143rd St Olathe, KS 66062.

If you would like to join us, a Google Map can be found at the bottom of our OUTDOOR HAFFA FLYING SESSIONS web page.

Stay tuned for the results of this year’s contest.
Check back to this web page. We’ll have pictures as well…

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Let it be known—and we are proud to say—that our own HAFFA Member,
Mike Basta Won the 2020 National Annual

Also let it be known that Mike’s winning time involved the model going OOS (Out Of Sight)
so binoculars would have certainly come in handy…

Note: It is the opinion of the author of this article that the word “BOUT” be added to the contest name. 🙂

So changed it would now read:


— The definition of BOUT means a FIGHT or competition, and that is really what we have here —

Think about all the Bunnies across the nation BRUTALLY BATTLING against each other
to be the Number 1 BUNNYBAR NONE — Now that is a BOUT!!!!

(This might happen if there is a big enough outcry from all the
Sky Bunny aeromodelers out there. Just say’n…)

Anyway here is the link to download the Sky Bunny Plans from Outerzone:


Also on this page is an important original article included as a “supplement” to the plan file. It is also a downloadable pdf file. This article gives important instructions and tips on flying the Sky Bunny so it is a must if you are to construct one. Iven if you elect to get a ready made kit, you should download and read this article. 🙂

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Kits for the Sky Bunny can be found on the Peck Polymers website using this link:

Peck Polymers Sky Bunny Kit

Here is the results and story of last year’s Sky Bunny Contest
won by Mike Basta as written by Jeff Renz
and edited by Dana field—submitted Sep 8, 2020.

Labor Day flying of the Sky Bunny Postal Contest proved to be excellent this morning.  Our Heart of America Free Flight Association club members Dana Field, Scott and Alex Baird, Mike Basta and Jeff Renz headed out to Olathe Kansas mid-morning to a local grade school soccer/activity field. We had good conditions with light winds out of the south west at 6 mph in a humid 80 degree environment. Dana brought stop watches and equipment including his binoculars….we sort of joked about needing them….I will save that for later….

Results Sky Bunny Postal Contest are as follows:

Pilot Mike Basta – Senior – OOS at 2:06/ Timer Dana Field

Pilot Scott Baird – Senior – 1:02 / Timer Dana Field

Pilot Jeff Renz – Senior 56 / Timer Dana Field bday-1/23/61

Pilot Alex Baird – Junior (9 years old) 55 / Timer Dana Field

Multiple flights were put up by everyone.  Scott and his son Alex (4th grade) drove over from Liberty Missouri up with two very well-built Sky Bunny airplanes.  The planes flew basically off the building board.  Scott taught his son some trimming guidance and away they went….winding and flying.  They made several successful and satisfying flights.

About noon Mike actually went and got his thermal streamer and 25 foot fiberglass pole.  Thermals were found to be abundant.  The flight times for everyone started going up towards the 1 minute mark. Around 12:30 pm Mike put together a special rubber motor….a loop of .125 with one loop of .093 braided.  He cranked almost turns into that thing, and blew it up. So Mike made 2 more motors….and cautiously wound one. Mike got ready and noticed the thermal streamer going up…..he launched and within about 15 seconds we knew that Sky Bunny was a gonner…… Dana put the binoculars up to his eyes ….and began tracking that plane  getting a good line on it as it cleared the field and headed into a heavily wooded neighborhood. Scott and Alex took off running after it ,Mike headed to his car….and headed off tracking it. However it was lost. Dana lost sight of it in the binoculars at 2:06 into the trees. Mike felt the bittersweet emotion of a sacrifice to the god HUNG, seeing his checkerboard creation flying away. We all went home around 1:00. Mike got home and about 30 minutes into unpacking the phone rang. A person in that neighborhood called and had his model. Mike headed out to pick it up. To youngsters had found it stuck in a large woodpile in their back yard and gave it to their mom to deal with. She called Mike. Mike gave the 2 brothers one of his Thermic B gliders as a reward and invited them to fly with us in the future.  

All in All it was  a great day of flying for Sky Bunny Postal contest.  We plan on doing this again next year.

I would like to thank Dana for doing all our official timing and bringing all his equipment….especially those binoculars.

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Below is a Slide Show featuring the Participants
of the 2020 Sky Bunny Contest

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