BoGie WiNs Again! 2019 Intra-Club HAFFA Indoor Contest Concludes with a Fantastic Mass Launch — Contest Scores Below

HAFFA’s Annual Indoor Model Airplane contest concluded successfully with a great mass launch effort by all of the “Pit Crews” for the stars and aviators with 7 planes simultaneously competing for the coveted longest time in the air 1st place.

Humphrey Bogart, a consistent winner, proved once again that he was “worth his salt” by beating out Jimmy Stewart, Bette Midler, Pappy Boyington,, Marilyn Monroe, Glenn Miller, and by narrowly beating out Natalie Wood by two seconds to take the grand prize.

The April 6, 2019 Mass launch video can be see here:


Contest Placement sheet

April 6, 2019 Indoor Flying Session Scores:

sidebarComet ROG:  Renz 3, Field 2, Nisley 1

Glider: Field 3, Vetter 2, Renz 1

FAC Phantom Flash: Nisley 4, Field 3, Vetter 2, Renz 1 

P18: Baker 5, Field 4, Vetter 3, Renz 2, Nisley 1  

Starting with the March totals for the 2019 year and adding the April scores… see totals below.

1 Nisley  Total 39+1+4+1=45 (HAFFA 2019 CHAMP)

2 Renz  37+2+1+1+3=44

3 Field 23+4+2+3+3=35

4 Vetter 27+3+2+2=34

5 Baird 17

6 Baker 11+5=16

7 White 2

A big thanks goes to the Contest Director, Jeff Renz, for all his work to run the contest and the substantial paperwork needed to keep track of the scores this season and the contest itself. Awards will be handed out at our next HAFFA Business Meeting, April 16. Thanks to all who attended.

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