A Challenge Goes Out to Area Model Airplane Clubs to Form Their Own Fleets of “Stars and Aviators Take Flight — P-18 Mass Launch” to Compete with HAFFA.

At the last HAFFA Indoor Flying Session, February 2, 2018, “Bette Midler”, Dennis Baker’s contribution to the Stars and Aviators Take Flight fleet, took first place in the newly created Mass Launch Event featuring Vanguard P-18 Indoor model airplanes built by HAFFA members.

Jeff Nisley’s entry, “Marilyn Monroe” made a respectable showing coming in second—losing by a mere 4 seconds. Needless to say, it was an exciting spectacle to participate in and to watch.

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo wing tip photo orangeThe “Movie Stars and Aviators” Mass Launch Event is a newly implemented idea For Model Airplane Clubs to generate interest for visitors. Visitors are allowed to pick their favorite Vintage Movie Star or Aviator from a fleet of planes that the club brings to each indoor session. A member of the club will then show the visitor the process of winding the rubber motor and will instruct the participant on how to launch the model. When the countdown begins at high noon, expectations are high for their favorite celebrity. Win or lose everyone enjoys the event.

Below is a video of  the current line-up of HAFFA’s fleet showing 5 planes—4 Stars and 1 Aviator. We expect to have more as this idea catches on.

Stars and Aviators Take Flight
Vanguard P-18 Mass Launch HAFFA Fleet Line-up

Because this has been such a success with the Heart of America Free Flight Association (HAFFA), we believe it is time to reach out to other area Model Airplane Clubs and offer a challenge for them to get on board and have their own members create a fleet for their respective clubs. HAFFA members would certainly enjoy the competition.

Details of the program are set forth on this webpage:

Movie Stars and Aviators Take Flight – Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH

Questions about the program can be sent via email to jeffnisley@ymail.com.

If this Idea Catches on there is No Reason that Clubs Across the Nation can’t Join in on the Fun.

Thanks for viewing and we look forward to hearing from our Sister Club in Wichita, Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers (WHAM) and from the Model Airplane Group in Omaha, Nebraska.

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