Miss Tile and Mr. Pin Announce Update to our Building Boards and Modeling Pins Webpage!

Miss Cecelia Ceiling Tile and Mr. Marvin Modelling Pin are delighted to announce to all our Readers of Casey’s (KC’s) Free Flight BLOG and visitors to our HAFFA Airplane Model Club’s website, KCFreeFlight.org, that the NUMBER ONE VISITED WEBPAGE WAS:

Portable Building Boards
& Modeling Pins

Along with announcing a long overdue update of the page—we’d also like to point out that the number of visits to this webpage for last year, 2021, was 1.459 overtaking the website’s HOME page’s 1366 visits by 93.
This surprised all our staff at KCFreeFlight.org. For the most part it would normally be extremely unlikely to have what is considered an inconsequential page overtake the website’s main “HOME” page which is the portal where most visitors enter the site.

The Portable Building Boards & Modeling Pins webpage had humble origins when it was created back in 2017. My hunch about using white or carpenters glue to “laminate” two layers of ceiling tiles back to back paid off handsomely as it has become the preferred way to make Portable Building Boards for those who know about this method.
Prior to this the advice was mostly simply to use drywall or “Sheetrock” ( Sheetrock is a specific brand of drywall sheet.) Also ceiling tiles of course, and Balsa wood sheets. But now-a-days who wants to use precious balsa wood for this purpose?

Another interesting bit of information concerning the Statistics of last year is the number of visits garnered by another popular page of our website called Dave’s Drawings which was 1,173 visits.

Click the LINK Above or the Image to go to this Webpage.

Also impressive were the actual number of pdf downloads of Dave’s Sweepette-Ette-14 Mk. II CLG (Catapult Launched Glider) at 336. Now these were downloads of the drawing Dave made but if only 10% of these actually made it to the flying field, there are 36 of Dave’s “Progeny” if you want to think of it that way. The Flip DT (Dethermalizer) System (with Instruction sheet) for gliders is another coming in at 131 downloads. So the staff here believe that our site is starting to be a Go-To place for glider drawings and other useful AEROMODELLING Resources. 😀

Before I close out this post I thought it might be helpful to discuss what white glue or carpenters glue is because IMO it’s probably the most important ingredient in making Portable Building Boards. The Definition of what white glue and it’s uses are:

“Polyvinyl acetate (PVA, PVAc, poly(ethenyl ethanoate)), commonly known as wood glue, white glue, carpenter’s glue, school glue, or Elmer’s glue in the US, is a widely available adhesive
used for porous materials like wood, paper, and cloth.”

“I like to use a woodworkers glue under the name of Original Titebond found at Lowe’s which I think is your best bet. Bottom line is that my research shows that a Lowe’s 16 oz bottle at $4.38 is as competitive price per ounce as you are going to find anywhere.”
— JB Nisley — (price quoted as of 4/11/2022)

A breakdown of my research is as follows: (Yes—I’m a true AEROMODELLING Geek.) Surprisingly the available options for Elmer’s glue at Walmart are more expensive per oz. than a Lowe’s 16 oz. bottle of Original Titebond Carpenters glue currently at $4.38 which works out to .27 per ounce.
Mostly it’s the fact that Walmart does not carry the product in the 8 or 16 ounce range. Plus I think that Carpenters glue should be your first pick over plain white glue because of possible added strength and the cost difference is not that much. Most likely the remaining glue you have left over could be put to good use in the future. Plain white glue will work, however if that is all you have. 😉

There is one other option that I have come across, that being an 8 oz. bottle of “white glue” at the Dollar Tree stores at $1.25 which comes out to about .16 per oz. (Yes, haven’t you heard? they upped the $1 price to $1.25 😦 ). Its a great option for other modeling tasks but IMO doesn’t have the quality that Elmer’s or Titebond has. It’s nevertheless great for many applications where quality is not an issue.
(Note: All prices above were quoted as of 4/11/2022. Your prices may vary.)

Thanks for reading through this post and as always —
If you’ve become a fan, tell your friends where to reach us.” — Jeffrey B. (JB) Nisley —

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