Program for October 19th HAFFA Meeting —> All You Wanted to Know About Vintage Twin Pushers . . .

This month we’ll delve into the sometimes mystifying realm of TWIN PUSHER MODEL AIRPLANES popular in the 20s and 30s.

Believe it or not these quirky machines still hold a special place in the hearts of a seemingly glowingly smaller but massively dedicated group of Aeromodelers! To make and fly one gives you a lifetime membership into this ELITE CLUB. 🙂

At the meeting we will have some example TPs for you to examine, some short videos of them in flight, and questions and answers from a long time experienced TP maker and flyer, MIKE BASTA, winner of the Twin Pusher Mass Launches at the 2018 and 2019 Marion Contests.

Our club, HAFFA, has a rich history encompassing these aircraft and it’s worth learning about and supporting their future! 😉 If you haven’t already seen our web page about this subject please check out our History of HAFFA Part 1.


Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS
(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205

First look at AMA’s Beta Model Airplane and Ways to Improve Its Performance

Newly admitted SAM 8 Model Airplane Club member, Bill Jung, and I, David Higgins, spent a memorable day last week trimming out his newly acquired AMA Beta.

We’ll go through all the events of that day and will report back via a web page on this site outlining what we found and will also give you information about the modifications we made to Bill’s plane that nearly sent it O.O.S. even though it was a rather cold day in Washington State.

With some help from Jeff Nisley, we together researched items that a “Newbie” to this hobby can send for at the same time you order your Beta. These items and some instructions we provide will enable you to make similar upgrades to your model so you can begin to enjoy the awesome performance we enjoyed.

On this new web page we will give some advice on a better propeller and propeller shaft situation that in our experience, makes all the difference in added performance. (Did I mention it almost went O.O.S.?)

Currently the Beta is out of stock at the AMA website, however we know of a place that currently has some and at a more favorable price.

So by all means, don’t delay. Visit our new web page, and as always fair winds and thermals.

AMA’s New Beta Model Airplane — Improve Its Performance by Making a Few Modifications

Webmaster’s Note: The link to this page can also be found on our site’s main navigation bar at the top under the name IMPROVE THE AMA BETA.