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Although not really “New”—the page we’re talking about has undergone a series of transformations lately and now sports a new title ofMEETINGS & EVENTS.” To access, click this link or find it above in the Navigation Bar.


Conveniently split down the middle—on the left side of the page is titled “OUR NEXT MEETING” and talks about the next HAFFA Business Meeting. All the relevant information is there including the address and a Google Map located at the bottom of the page to plan your trip.

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Notice that there is a “Winter Party” entry in January. We are inviting all HAFFA MEMBERS and Friends who would like to attend. So stay tuned . . .

Max Deweese to Speak at HAFFA Business Meeting Nov 16th, 2021

New Venue: Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS

Because of the positive response to Max’s speaking engagement, a larger venue has been obtained. We are now going to have the meeting at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Meeting Rooms A and B. This meeting room seats a total of 45 persons so bring your friends !!!! A Google Map to the Center has been provided at the bottom of this web page so you can plan your route.

It is a real honor to have Max Deweese as the guest speaker for our November 16th HAFFA monthly meeting from 6 to 8 pm at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Be our guest as Max tell his story and takes questions afterwards about his service and his ongoing commitment to World War II Veterans. This meeting is open to the public, so bring your spouse or partner and tell any friends you may have about this event. 🙂

Click this link to view a 14 minute 30 second video that was filmed when he was 96 years old. This year marks his 100th year.

This is: “Deweese, a Service Story”.

Max was one of the first American soldiers to engage the Japanese in an offensive military operation. One of the many missions during his service critical to the early war effort was the mission to see that the Japanese were not successful in building an airport at Guadalcanal.

His service along with countless other veterans were crucial to the eventual success of the allied forces in turning the tide in the Pacific war effort which ultimately lead to the surrender of Japan.

This month’s HAFFA Meeting will take place at the Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center in Mission KS. Here is the address:

Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center
6200 Martway St, Mission, KS 66202

Below is a Google Map to the Center

Program for October 19th HAFFA Meeting —> All You Wanted to Know About Vintage Twin Pushers . . .

This month we’ll delve into the sometimes mystifying realm of TWIN PUSHER MODEL AIRPLANES popular in the 20s and 30s.

Believe it or not these quirky machines still hold a special place in the hearts of a seemingly glowingly smaller but massively dedicated group of Aeromodelers! To make and fly one gives you a lifetime membership into this ELITE CLUB. 🙂

At the meeting we will have some example TPs for you to examine, some short videos of them in flight, and questions and answers from a long time experienced TP maker and flyer, MIKE BASTA, winner of the Twin Pusher Mass Launches at the 2018 and 2019 Marion Contests.

Our club, HAFFA, has a rich history encompassing these aircraft and it’s worth learning about and supporting their future! 😉 If you haven’t already seen our web page about this subject please check out our History of HAFFA Part 1.


Here’s info about our new Meeting Location:

Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS
(It’s directly EAST of Walmart)

Below is a Google Map to the Cedar Roe Library
5120 Cedar St, Roeland Park, KS 66205