Huge Dilemma Concerning David Higgin’s Overhead Bin Packed Full of Airplane Model Drawings !!!

What’s a Webmaster of an Aeromodelling Website to do about a Jam-Packed Airliner Overhead Bin full of Model Airplane Drawings belonging to David Higgins?

Create a new Web Page of course !!!


Be sure to open that OVERHEAD BIN SLOWLY or a rush of

We now have a sizeable backlog of Dave’s drawings he’s either drawn himself and or collected from others from the numerous years he’s been  engaged with the Aeromodelling Hobby—and now they seem to be camping out in an undersized Airline Overhead Bin!
What’s a Webmaster to do? 


Click on this link to a newly created Webpage
that will provide enough STORAGE for these JEMS!

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David Higgins’ Overhead Bin
Aeromodelling Drawings & Plans

(You can also click on the image above.)

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We thought the best place to deal with these was to create a brand new storage unit in the form of a Web page especially designed for Dave called David Higgins’ Overhead Bin — Aeromodelling Drawings & Plans. We think that you will agree. As time allows we will be adding more “Additions” to this page at regular intervals.

I seems in most cases—a great number of the drawings that he is providing have a personal story that goes along with them which only adds immeasurably to the charm. In some cases he includes additional insight into the model as well. Often he has personally constructed the model—having designed it himself or made modifications to an original design, He describes his experience with having flown it, and has advice as to its trimming aka flight adjustments. In some cases he has chosen to completely redraw the model using his CAD software to his liking, which in most cases is an upgrade to the original design. 

The drawings on this Web page will be downloadable as PDF files so you can print them on your computer or take the file on a flash drive to a printing service for your very own (to scale) copy.

Also note that in the future you can easily get back to his new page as it is nestled immediately under the Web page link to his popular DAVE’S GALLERIA OF GLIDERS Web page shown in the Main Navigation Menu located at the top of this page. It will be the first link in the “Sub-Menu” if you hover your mouse over the “GALLERIA” link. (Try doing that now. 😉)

So—stay tuned as more drawings get added
to this crazy page! 🙃

Thanks for viewing,

—Jb— Webmaster for

P.S. — If you like the new page or this Website in general, tell your Aeromodelling friends where to find us and as always — Warm Thermals.

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Gliders Group Forum is the latest category added to “Galleria of Gliders”

Gliders Group Forum is the latest category added to “Galleria of Gliders” and it is designed to get people talking and thinking about all aspects of model gliders, from the most basic chuck and catapult gliders to some of the current ARF/RTF radio controlled gliders.

Topics may include glider aerodynamics, balsa wood selection, construction techniques, glider design parameters, flight trimming, etc. We want to have a free exchange of ideas to benefit everyone, especially those who are new to this aspect of aeromodelling.

For instance, suppose someone has a problem with their catapult glider looping during the catapult phase and wants suggestions on how to solve this problem.

I or someone else may suggest that they warp the trailing edge of the stabilizer down around 1/64” to 1/32” and remove some clay from the nose of the glider and try launching it again, and someone else may have another useful suggestion that worked for them. 

Another person may have a suggestion on some building technique that they used relating to gliders and wants to pass that “tribal” knowledge on to others. 

So come see what all the HUBBUB is all about . . .

NOTE: The dictionary defines HUBBUB as a situation in which there is much noise, confusion, excitement, and activity.

Doesn’t that describe a Rowdy Group of Glider Enthusiasts at a Flying Event Chucking their Gliders?

Go to GLIDERS GROUP FORUM. You’ll be glad you did.