First Ever Movie Stars and Aviators P-18 Mass Launch Indoor Airplane Event Deemed a Victory for All

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo with border

Humphrey Bogart is declared by far the winner of the event, with Pappy Boyington coming in Second and Marilyn Monroe finishing Last.

Humphrey Bogart P-18 rudder and wing tip
Sunday January 5, 2018 marked a historic day for the Heart of America Free Flight Association’s Visitor Participation Mass launch.

Three Vanguard P-18 Indoor Planes participated in what many people are saying is the NEXT BIG THING for Indoor Modeling Clubs.

Humphrey Bogart rudder & stab photoA relatively new idea, this unique program encourages Model Airplane Clubs to persuade their members to build Vanguard P-18 indoor model airplanes available in laser kit form from so visitors to the events can partner up with the members to experience the basics of Indoor Free Flight.

The Mass Launch commences at 12 noon, allowing a welcome break for fellow modelers, and a fun event for visitors to participate in what they are sure to grow to appreciate. Win or lose, it’s fun to see your VIP up there trying their hardest to win.

What originally started out as Movie Stars Take Flight — Indoor P-18 MASS LAUNCH has evolved to include your Favorite Historic Aviator, whether it is one of the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, or the controversial Howard Hughes, it’s up to the member who they want to represent their plane. Along with the new name for the program came an updated Logo for the wing tip that spells out clearly what the program is all about.

Happy for his tremendous success, below is what “Bogie” has on his left wing tip—the new “Official” Updated Logo—complements of Jeff Nisley, his proud owner.

movie stars and aviators take flight vanguard p-18 logo wing tip photo orange

One of our long standing HAFFA members, Wally Freeburg, requested a plane to be built to honor the World War II flying Ace, Pappy Boyington. So the “Black Sheep” aviator has joined HAFFA’s growing fleet, and is now competing with the “Best of ’em”. ____________________________________________________________________

Members of different Regional or National Model Airplane clubs can claim victory for their club with their plane if their VIP has the longest flight time. We expect competitions between clubs to help generate interest among spectators to the indoor events as well as to add a fun event for the club members who didn’t bring a plane to fly that day.

Each plane is decorated with a theme consisting of a vintage Movie Star or a historic Aviator. This consists of the photo of the star or aviator printed on tissue placed on the rudder of the Vanguard P-18. The left wing tip is reserved for the Star or Aviator’s name and the Program’s Official Logo is placed on the right wing tip.

Full instructions on how to accomplish this will be forth coming from the Program’s founder and promoter, Jeff Nisley. For questions and comments his email address is

February 2, 2018 is HAFFA’s next Indoor Flying Session and expectations are high that many more planes will join HAFFA’s fleet—the first ever of its kind in the nation.

So to close out this POST, the Indoor Participants of HAFFA challenge our Sister organization in Kansas, the Wham or Wichita Historic Aircraft Modelers, to join in on the fun. We also challenge the folks up in Omaha that fly indoor model airplanes to contact us, get on board, and build a fleet of their own. We look forward to the competition!

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