Pre-Shrink Tissue Covering Tip

This is a tip from John Pakiz of the Nebraska Free Flighters Club I have known John Pakiz for well over a decade now and have attended many of the Nebraska clubs indoor flying sessions held in the Beatrice Nebraska city auditorium. Flying in this venue is always a a real treat. Over the years … Continue reading Pre-Shrink Tissue Covering Tip

Finally A fix for Fly Away Gliders—Introducing an effective DT (Dethermalizer) System designed by Dave Higgins

Introducing the The Flip DT System for 12” to 16” Wingspan Gliders. Catching a really good thermal for a glider in most cases is a good thing. But it could easily turn out to be a bittersweet experience—something that glider owners know too well—the dreaded O.O.S. Syndrome otherwise known as “Out Of Sight.” Click the … Continue reading Finally A fix for Fly Away Gliders—Introducing an effective DT (Dethermalizer) System designed by Dave Higgins


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Hi —I’m Jeff Renz, president of HAFFA and one of the contributing authors of the HAFFA Posts. During these uncertain times, we will try to keep you informed of HAFFA’s current activities and the status of future events.

I’m shown here back in May of 2019 at the Wellington WHAM contest getting ready to fly my rather worn out Half Gollywock, however, she sill has some flights left in her.

At the left you will find a list of HAFFA’s archived Posts. The best way to return to this page after viewing any post is to use your back arrow at the top left of your browser.

Oh—and LEAVE A REPLY below if you have a comment or question and we will try to get back to you ASAP. Thermals. Renz

featured Haffa
Model of the month

Jeff Renz’s Pearson-Williams 1938 Mr. Smoothie
19″ Wingspan built from Easy Built Models kit.

here is a list of our Archived Posts:

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